EazyLA Creates New Website Front End To Make Sopping in Chinese Major Stores From Singapore Easier Than Ever

EazyLA helps the people of Singapore shop in China’s biggest department stores online, and has overhauled its website to provide a more comprehensive service than ever.

China is the world’s greatest exporter and manufacturer of goods of all kinds, yet the country is still surprisingly isolationist when it comes to selling these products on the international stage through e-commerce. Because of this, a new practice called Daigou is revolutionizing the way people access China’s biggest stores, and EazyLA is Singapore’s biggest Daigou portal. They have just overhauled their site to ensure the best service ever to their customers.

Daigou is a Chinese phrase that roughly means “buying on behalf of”. EazyLA provides this as a free-to-use web service that purchases goods overseas at the request of users. Consumers select their desired products, make a payment, and EazyLA agents make the purchase overseas and ship it straight to the user.

Alternatively, items can be deposited at a collection point where the user can drop by anytime. Once the fulfillment is complete, users close the loop by indicating that the purchase has been successful.

Dozens of such sites have sprung up in Singapore, Malaysia, and the rest of Asia. Singapore has FTAs with Southeast Asia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong, allowing EazyLA.com to thrive throughout Singapore and Malaysia. They now enable individuals to buy from popular Chinese brands like Taobao and Tmall, and EazyLA now has over 12,000 likes on Facebook.

A spokesperson for EazyLA.com explained, “The new overhaul of the website is making it easier than ever for us to deliver our outstanding service to more people than ever. The front-end of the website has been overhauled to be fully responsive and provide the very best interactions. So far we have successfully delivered almost two hundred thousand packages, and we can accept package orders twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. The new design will allow us to go from strength to strength, and we look forward to serving more customers than ever.”

About EazyLA: EazyLA is a shopping agent that has made shopping easier and more convenient by buying goods on behalf of shoppers for better prices. Users can get unbeatable deals form various renowned online stores like Taobao.com, enabling people in Singapore to experience ultimate convenience. The service makes available quality products from China.

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