EasyVSL 3.0 Software With Latest In Demand Features Helps Marketers Create Video Sale Letters Within Minimum Time

Sales video is undeniably the most effective marketing method. Nevertheless, to make ones, marketers have to spend hours piecing together technical things or spending hundred dollars to have designer create these videos. Realizing neither of these method is efficient, the EasyVSL was brought forth.

As a matter of fact, 92% of the top selling products on Clickbank which is the largest digital marketplace online use video sales letters regardless of the niche or the product. It is no secret that video sales letters beat text sales pages in split tests near completely everytime. Therefore, millions of businesses around the globe wasting thousand of dollar and months every year on buying video editing software and learn how to make use each of them. Fortunately, the industry standard for video creation and sales converting software is making its back. Marketers no longer have to purchase overpriced soft and wasting time just to create a single mediocre sales video with the new software named EasyVSL 3.0. Just prepare the texts and the video is ready in a minute.

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EasyVSL 3.0 Soft is a brand new software created by Mark Thompson, a professional online marketer. EasyVSL 3.0 not only helps marketers and online business owners design high converting videos in the minimum time, but it also create many types of video such as Lead Capture Videos, Webinar Registration Videos. It also creates Affiliate review Videos, Videos for Facebook and Youtube Ads, Keyword Optimizes Videos for SEO and Interview Transcription videos, Testimonial as well as Case Study videos, etc.

Here are some new features released in EasyVSL version 3.0:

• “Kinetic” Style Videos: kinetic typography style videos have exponentially increased in popularity because they are engaging for audiences and draw their attention for longer viewing times. EasyVSL can create them in just minutes.
• Automated Speech Recognition: No More Manually Syncing Video Slides with Voiceover Audio of the users. Now with the built-in speech recognition and intelligence feature, EasyVSL can automatically sync their entire voiceover audio into slides. Plus transition the slides with the perfect timing.
• Instant Image Search Library: This feature gains users the access to over 1,000,000 royalty free images and graphics right inside EasyVSL, for an easy method to enhance videos.
• Import EasyVSL Presentations: If users have an existing EasyVSL presentation on another computer they can export, import and share that presentation onto another computer that have the EasyVSL software.
• Sound Effect Library: Users can choose Using the built-in sound effects from the software or upload their own. This feature can add sound effects to their slide and text transitions to help grab viewers’ attention and to increase the level of professionalism to Video Sale Letter.
• YouZign Integration: Instantly import users’ YouZign-created images into their EasyVSL videos.
• Import Powerpoint & Keynote Presentations: The biggest feature request is now available. Users can import existing Microsoft Powerpoint and Keynote presentations right into EasyVSL Soft.

Marketer now can make a video sale letter in a four simple steps procedure:

• Step 1: Pasting the Script and Add the Slide Transitions
• Step 2: Choosing the Designs, Transactions, & Effects
• Step 3: Inputting the Audio and Sync with Slides
• Step 4: Freely choosing to Export or Upload

“EasyVSL is the perfect tool for marketers like me that needs to create fast videos, without having to create slides on Powerpoint and then combine them with music and voice,” said Jose Scafarelli from Richezzavera.com. “Before EasyVSL, it was a pain to create a new video; now I do it faster than all of my colleagues that still use Powerpoint.”

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