Easily Green Pledges To Save Businesses 50-90% On Energy Bills Through Green Initiative

Easily Green Energy Solutions are championing the New South Wales government’s Energy Saving Scheme by offering a free assessment and quote for businesses.

Saving the world a light bulb at a time may seem like an unenviable task, but someone has to do it. Despite energy efficient lighting solutions costing far less to run, businesses are still unwilling to make the investment due to the initial expense. As a result, the New South Wales government in Australia is subsidizing energy efficient lighting for businesses, and Easily Green is a company that specializes in managing this transition and getting the very best out of the process on behalf of their business users, while saving the planet at the same time.

Easily Green are acting as an expert service provider, manufacturer and broker between businesses and the government scheme, ensuring that any business who takes on their services receives the maximum possible discount from the scheme and managing the installation process from beginning to end, meaning business owners needn’t worry about the transition causing disruption to their human resource allocations.

The company liaises with the supplier, accredited technicians, the business user and the government branch to cover all the bases and provide energy efficient lighting replacements that transform a business’ energy consumption, slashing their bills and reducing carbon emissions at the same time. In this way businesses are fulfilling their corporate social responsibilities while getting a great deal (http://easilygreen.com.au/energyefficientbusiness.php).

They provide LED Downlights (http://easilygreen.com.au/leddownlights.php), eco-save fluorescent tube replacements, shop lighters and dimmable LED lights that together can efficiently and effectively light any space, from office cupboards to warehouses.

A spokesperson for Easily Green explained, “Our products start saving companies money from the minute they are installed, and continue to do so for their entire lifetime, which is much greater than traditional lighting solutions. Furthermore, these products are heavily subsidized by the government, meaning businesses get an amazing deal when choosing to switch and our expertise in securing the maximum discount generates industry leading return on investment. We have created a total package that optimizes every aspect of the transition to make an offer businesses can’t refuse.”

About Easily Green:
Easily Green are energy efficiency consultants, based in Sydney, Australia who specialise in full service end-to-end efficiency improvements for commercial and industrial lighting options. Having 40 years experience in the construction industry and commercial building the company is aware of the need for a greener, more sustainable direction for commercial and household dwellings in Australia, and has the expertise to see it through.

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