Easily Green Launch New Range Of LED Lighting Options To Maximize Business Efficiency

Easily Green is a consulting firm that have moved into the supply business to furnish their clients with a complete solution.

According to Wikipedia, efficient energy use is the biggest means by which businesses can contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of the planet’s human presence, and in so doing preserve the environment and habitat they live and thrive in for longer. Many businesses have previously been incredulous of the idea, feeling investment in the environment is a governmental role. However, companies like Easily Green in Australia have been showing companies how these investments can save them huge sums on energy costs, and the mood has started to change. Their latest move is to bring in affordable, efficient LED lighting capabilities to instantly make huge reductions in energy consumption.

Easily Green commercial LED downlights and lighting provide economic solutions to lighting energy consumption while guaranteeing no loss of light compared to traditional sources. The LED Downlights have over fifty times the lifespan of standard 50 watt halogen lights, meaning the savings stretch beyond the initial reduction in consumption by also requiring fewer replacements.

The company also sells Easily Green T5 fluorescent lighting, which performs the same function but for larger spaces that require broad scale lighting solutions as opposed to those required by smaller spaces, making the reduction in costs viable for large businesses as well as small.

A spokesperson for Easily Green explained, “The Easily Green T5 fluorescent lighting is owned and designed by Australian manufacturers and can reduce fluorescent lighting energy consumption by 50% with no loss in the amount of light emitted. These products, like our LED solutions, are endorsed by the NSW Energy Savings Scheme, making them affordable to businesses at the initial investment stage so that the savings made go straight into increasing the bottom line profits- an attractive proposition any business would be foolish to pass up. Lighting however is just the beginning of a process that can transform offices and companies, and we can open that world up to our clients.”

About Easily Green:
Easily Green are energy efficiency consultants, working with businesses to create energy efficient and carbon neutral usage strategies that save significant portions of budgets dedicated to energy consumption. Energy efficiency is an increasingly potent concern in Australia due to new extremes of climate, and Easily Green is here to show businesses that small changes can create big savings.

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