EarnTheNecklace.com Weighs in on Sexual Narcissists Being More Likely to Cheat on Partners

EarnTheNecklace.com, where young women spill the beans on older men, addresses a study that found that sexual narcissists are more likely to cheat.

EarnTheNecklace.com, a revealing and engaging web site with articles written by women who exchange their stories and confessions about being in a relationship with a much older man, is responding to a study showing that sexual narcissists are more likely to cheat on their partners.

According to a recent study, people who are narcissists, especially when it comes to sexuality, are more likely to cheat. Researchers followed 123 newlywed couples through the first four years of their marriage and studied the participants’ self-reported measures of sexual satisfaction, marital satisfaction, and infidelity. Researchers found that sexual narcissists were more likely to cheat on their spouse. (Source: McNulty, J.K., and Widman, L., “Sexual Narcissism and Infidelity in Early Marriage,” Archives of Sexual Behavior, April 2014; http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10508-014-0282-6.)

“This study shows that sexual narcissists, or even those who are just more confident about their sexuality, are more apt or willing to cheat on their partners,” says Bianca-Marie Coventry, EarnTheNecklace.com’s content manager. “Instead of viewing sex as a mutually beneficial act that brings people closer together, narcissists feel entitled and exploit and manipulate their partner’s sexuality to satisfy their needs for power and pleasure.”

The study also found that husbands who lacked sexual empathy were more likely to cheat on their wives. A spouse that does not have sexual empathy only considers what their partner can do for them and feels no desire to sexually reciprocate on any level—not the best traits for a successful long-term relationship, says Coventry.

“While sex can be used to bring couples together physically, emotionally, and psychologically, for sexual narcissists and those who lack sexual empathy, it is actually an autonomous act devoid of feeling,” Coventry adds.

“The dating experts at EarnTheNecklace.com understand that for relationships to work, regardless of age, there needs to be mutual respect and love,” she concludes. “In fact, people that communicate and understand their partner’s emotional needs are more likely to trust their partner and have a better sex life.”

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