EarnTheNecklace.com Responds to Study That Examined Norms in Sexual Proclivity

EarnTheNecklace.com addresses a study that examined the sexual fantasies of both genders.

EarnTheNecklace.com, the world’s largest forum where younger women who are in a relationship with a much older man share their stories and experiences, is weighing in on a recent study that examined perceived norms and deviancy in sexual fantasies.

According to a recent study conducted at the University of Montreal, most sexual fantasies are surprisingly normal. In an attempt to establish the first scientific definition for sexual deviancy, researchers questioned 799 men and 718 women with an average age of 30. The responses were then categorized as "statistically rare," "unusual," "common," or "typical." (Source: “Sexual fantasies: are you normal?” Université de Montréal web site, October 31, 2014; www.nouvelles.umontreal.ca/udem-news/news/20141031-sexual-fantasies-are-you-normal.html.)

“Before this study, it’s fair to say that current definition of what constitutes deviant sexual fantasy is quite vague. In fact, most workable definitions classify it as ‘unusual’ or ‘anomalous’ fantasies,” says Riya Beaumont, EarnTheNecklace.com’s content editor. “While the groundbreaking work provides needed clarity, there is plenty of room for further research.”

On one hand, researchers had a difficult time deeming a sexual desire “deviant;” in fact, few fantasies can (statistically) be considered abnormal. Overall, only two fantasies were considered to be rare, while nine were unusual. The majority, 30 fantasies (46%), were common for one or both genders. Finally, only five were defined as typical.

Beaumont explains that our shared fantasies may not be all that unique, but some gender differences are. Men were found to be more likely to fantasize about multiple partners, while women’s fantasies tended to include their significant other. Women were also able to better distinguish between fantasy and desire, while men, on the other hand, wanted their fantasies to come true; this suggests a meaningful disconnect.

“The relationship experts at EarnTheNecklace.com understand that women and men have different desires. For relationships to succeed, people need to share similar desires and fantasies and have a mutual respect and understanding,” Beaumont concludes. “Instead of labeling someone as having unusual sexual desires and judging the content of the fantasy, perhaps more focus should be put on the way the fantasy affects us.”

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