EarnTheNecklace.com Releases Response to Sugar Baby/Government Shutdown Link

EarnTheNecklace.com is releasing its comments on two sugar daddy web sites experiencing a spike in membership registrations that align with the beginning of the U.S. government shutdown.

EarnTheNecklace.com, a revealing and engaging web site with articles written by women who exchange their stories and confessions about being in a relationship with a much older man, responds to reports that the U.S. government shutdown is driving an increasing number of women to seek out a sugar baby/sugar daddy relationship.

According to two sugar daddy dating web sites, the U.S. government shutdown is responsible for their recent increase in membership. One site reported a 50% increase in the average daily sign-ups since the beginning of October, while the other reported its highest growth in daily registrations in over six months. (Source: Hagle, W., “Financially-Influenced Dating Sites SeekingArrangement.Com And WhatsYourPrice.Com See Boost In Sign-Ups Due To Government Shutdown,” OpposingViews.com, October 7, 2013; www.opposingviews.com/i/technology/financially-influenced-dating-sites-seekingarrangementcom-and-whatsyourpricecom-see.)

“While the correlation between the U.S. government shutdown and the increase in site membership may seem far-fetched, the fact of the matter is that both sites claim the spikes started on the first day of the shutdown,” says Bianca-Marie Coventry, EarnTheNecklace.com’s content manager. “This isn’t a total surprise when you consider a recent survey showed that 41% of American women live paycheck-to-paycheck.” (Source: “Share of U.S. Workers Living Paycheck to Paycheck Continues Decline from Recession-Era Peak, Finds Annual CareerBuilder Survey,” Yahoo! Finance web site, September 25, 2013; http://finance.yahoo.com/news/share-u-workers-living-paycheck-080000037.html.)

With an additional 800,000 workers on furlough since the U.S. government shutdown, Coventry believes that number is only going to increase. While the U.S. Congress has declared that all federal employees will get back pay once the government reopens, this does nothing to help furloughed employees in the short term, she says.

“The relationship experts at EarnTheNecklace.com understand how amazing a mature sugar baby/sugar daddy relationship can be, and hope that those looking to enter a relationship are doing so because they want to, not because they need to,” Coventry adds.

To learn more about Earn the Necklace, visit the web site at www.EarnTheNecklace.com. The site wants to hear from women dating or married to men 20 years or more their senior! And if it’s a story they publish, they’ll pay $500.00, with an opportunity to write more.

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