Early Bird Discount on New 3 Day Iboga Wellness Retreat in Laurentians

Serving Soul Seekers in the Natural Mountain Wilderness

Program Director Luis Da Silva has just opened the doors to accept participants in his three day Iboga Power Retreats, including an Iboga experience and ceremony. Held in the beautiful Laurentian mountains, these Iboga retreats are just 45 minutes North of the global cultural center of Montreal, Canada.

The Iboga Plant In Ceremony

The Iboga root bark has been used in healing, and rights of passage ceremonies by the pygmies and the Bantu population of West Africa, for millennia. Program Director Luis “Makonza” Da Silva says, “Today these three day Iboga power retreats, are for personal growth and transformation and establishing a deeper soul connection”.

The Iboga Experience In Personal Transformation

He continues “The experience is designed to be a spiritual one, for those seeking personal clarity, rejuvenation and renewal, where they witness and participate in the full iboga ceremony”.

Da Silva experienced his first iboga retreat after struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder for eight years, as a result of a home invasion experience and says “After my retreat, I saw my world in a completely new way.” He continues “I decided there and then that I wanted to help others end their suffering”. Da Silva has found that participants have often had experiences with other plant medicines, such as Ayahuasca and Peyote, in an attempt to clear emotional suffering and trauma, before making their way to his Iboga retreat.

Iboga is completely non-addictive. Many people have found it to be more effective and transformative, than its counterparts. Its uses and benefits are as follows:

• Ideal for sufferers of PTSD, grief and depression and is used to resolve distress from traumatic experiences and other life-changing events
• Ideal for people looking to expand their spiritual connection with themselves and the world around them
• Rejuvenation of the mind/body for clarity of personal direction, and for seekers of their life purpose and meaning
• Reinstating a sense of inner peace and tranquillity which helps to combat the stresses of daily life

An Iboga Experience Retreat Offered to the Global Community

Although Da Silva participates in Iboga ceremonies worldwide, this summer his three days lboga retreats in Canada, will be held in the Laurentian mountains of Quebec, with deep discounts for early bookings.

Da Silva offers healing retreats and ceremonies ranging from the new three days Iboga "Power Retreats" to six-day “Iboga Transformational Retreats” as well as a personal one-on-one Iboga experience option.

To book your place at an Iboga retreat, visit: https://ibogahealingexperience.com. Watch videos on the Iboga Healing Experience YouTube channel

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