E-Fuel Corporation: “Rejected Energy” The Real Culprit Behind Climate Change And How To Stop It

Energy prices and oil demand could drop to levels not seen since the late 1960s

The E-Fuel Corporation, a Texas-based technology firm, has come up with a revolutionary way to repurpose the largest energy source on the planet ‘rejected energy,’ which experts have identified as a leading cause of climate change.

According to research conducted by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the US Department of Energy, rejected energy accounted for an astonishing 67.5 percent of the total energy consumed within the US in 2019.

To put this in simple terms, if you placed three gallons of fuel into your vehicle, only one gallon provides mechanical energy to rotate the wheels and the remaining two gallons are rejected through the radiator, tailpipe, and engine friction heat into the atmosphere. Even electric vehicles Reject Energy constantly during battery charge and discharge cycles which accelerates as the battery ages.

THE SOLUTION: E-Fuel Rejected Energy Reactor

Tragically, over the past 12 years, the annual rate of rejected energy has risen by 0.3 percent – which is substantially worse than other purported climate change data. But while we cannot simply stop using carbon-based fuels (because almost every commercial and industrial product depends on it), E-Fuel has found an aggressive innovative way to consume it that will begin cooling the planet quickly.

Although rejected energy represents the planet’s largest untapped energy source, it has been largely ignored – despite its vast potential – for the past 138 years. And this egregious oversight has damaged the earth’s ecosystems, posing an existential threat to countless animal species.

E-Fuel has been able to solve the 138-year-old problem by creating a small reactor containing both fuel and power production processes in one system so that the rejected energy can be repurposed. In simple terms, now 3 gallons are used when running at full efficiency to produce both fuel and electrical power, which reduces past fuel consumption and emissions by two-thirds.

Saving Energy… and the Planet

E-Fuel believes that this solution represents a viable means to substantially reduce energy poverty, while also reducing humanity’s carbon footprint. E-Fuel’s first Proprietary reactor shipments will focus on producing lower cost and lower carbon for power, ethanol, hydrogen, and kerosene jet fuel.

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