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Users frustrated with E-Cig battery life fall in love with V2 electronic devices reports e-CigReviews.com.

According to Statistic Brain, electronic cigarette users now number 2.5 million as of January 21, 2013. In 2008, smokers spent $20 million on these devices and experts project this industry will top $1 billion this year. "How much of this money will be spent on electronic cigarettes that users find don't meet their needs or fail to offer the flavor or variety they want from their cigarette? Consumers often turn to electronic cigarette reviews to avoid this problem as the reviews provide information buyers need to make an informed purchase," Jonathan Tanner of e-CigReviews.com declares.

V2 electronic cigarettes continue to be a favorite of those familiar with this industry. Any consumer searching for information about these devices will likely encounter a v2 cigs review that is very positive. Although this brand is relatively new to the market, the manufacturer appears to understand what consumers want and need from a device of this type. "Purchase the V2 standard kit and you'll quickly see why it is that this brand is making its mark in an industry that seems to have new products on a daily or weekly basis," Mr. Tanner continues.

Often, consumers purchase electronic cigarette kits and, when the kit arrives, are disappointed with the look and feel of the kit. Consumers need not worry about this when purchasing from V2 as the kits look professional and the design is simple and clean. "Many brands go over the top when designing the cigarette packages and go for trendy looks while V2 offers a more grown up appearance, one that many will appreciate," Mr. Tanner goes on to say.

Consumers prefer options when purchasing an electronic cigarette and V2 Cigs offers four kits so each purchaser can determine which best meets his or her needs. The economy kit remains the most affordable and is good for those trying electronic cigarettes for the first time while current users typically find the standard kit better meets their needs. V2 also offers a travel kit and a couples kit and all kits come with a 30-day money-back guarantee along with a lifetime warranty. "Each consumer chooses the product which best meets their needs which is helpful as many companies offer limited choices when it comes to starter kits," Mr. Tanner points out.

What really makes V2 electronic cigarettes stand out in the crowd involves the battery life of the devices. They pride themselves on offering batteries unseen in this market. In addition, users find they have options when it comes to the color of the battery. "The batteries respond quickly and the device produces more vapor than typically seen. For this reason, many choose to make use of V2 e-cigs and new users will likely find they are a good choice," Mr. Tanner exclaims.

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