e-Cigarette Online Reports a Proven Way to Quit Smoking for Good

Electronic cigarettes have always been an alternative to help smokers kick the habit. Now e-Cigarette Online founder proves its legitimacy.

Founder of e-Cigarette Online, Alexander McKnight knows firsthand how difficult it is for smokers to kick the habit. He was a regular smoker for thirty four years and despite how much his clothing, home and car smelled like a used ashtray, the expense of buying cigarettes and dire consequences to his health; he was unable to put the cigarettes down once and for all. When he learned about electronic cigarettes, he thought that was the answer to his prayers; to finally stop before he suffered the harmful affects of his addiction.

What McKnight found was that most electronic cigarettes were cumbersome and expensive and were not helping. He finally stumbled onto the solution, though, and it has been so effective for him that he wants to help other smokers cut through all the “Stop Smoking” hype and finally have a solution that works. Not only has he been smoke free for over a year, but his incessant smoker’s cough has gone away. McKnight is now able to exercise and no longer worried by what his belongings smell like, and is even saving money while doing it.

"It’s a really horrible habit but it was my habit. It was my one vice. I knew I needed to quit but every method I tried failed. I tried the gum, the patch and the other various methods. The fact is, I love to smoke and I did not want to give it up" says Alexander McKnight.

Now smokers everywhere have a resource that works for them the way they need it to. It addressed their need for nicotine and the psychological urges of their addiction while recovering their health, social acceptability and wallet. It is Alexander McKnight’s mission for e-Cigarette Online to help other smokers the way he has been helped.

About e-Cigarette Online: Long time smoker Alexander McKnight was finding it next to impossible to give up his expensive addiction until he came across electronic cigarettes. He found most of them cost as much as real cigarettes and started a quest to not only help other smokers kick the habit as he had, but also to save money while doing it.

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