Dzign Square Reports Web Design and SEO Results Are Closely Related

Dzign Square publishes information concerning this relationship and offers tips on improving one's content to advance in the search engine results

Hanley Wood Business Media recently reported 78 percent of CMOs believe the future of marketing lies in custom content. Many business owners, however, fail to realize the extent of the relationship between SEO and web design. This failure often leads to businesses losing out on a portion of their target audience. No matter how many visitors reach a site, a company only benefits if they remain on the site to browse, return in the future, and recommend it to others.

"Great content remains essential, yet business owners need to ensure the content is user friendly and this is where web design mississauga comes in. Visitors want to easily read the material and rapidly find the information they are searching for. Sentences must be short and concise, and experts agree web content needs to be a minimum of 50 percent shorter than that which is seen in periodicals, such as magazines," Ibrahim Kuttab, spokesperson for Dzign Square explains.

In addition, website visitors call for material to be broken down into small blocks, and bullet points tend to be helpful, as they draw attention to specific material, distinguishing it from other text. Many find bold and color options help when certain points need to be highlighted, and use of these tools makes it easier to scan through the material.

Kuttab states these are two of many ways one can make their web design more user friendly. Quickly getting to the point and limiting the use of images and pictures to only those which are relevant to the material being presented are others. One needs to state the main point at the beginning of the material to encourage the reader to finish reading, rather than looking elsewhere to find the desired material.

When considering web design as it relates to an seo company mississauga, one also needs to take into the account the appearance of the site on a variety of devices. This calls for ensuring content may be easily accessed on a wide range of devices, which is where responsive web design comes into play. With responsive web design, users find they may access the same elements on a multitude of devices, allowing them to move from their laptop to their tablet and then their phone, seeing the same elements on all. This eliminates the need for creating multiple sites also, therefore the company benefits.

The relationship between web design and search engine optimization tends to be complex, therefore many businesses choose to seek outside help. A business cannot afford to fall in the search engine rankings, as studies repeatedly show the majority of users click on the first or second link in the search engines. Any business falling to a lower spot may find they aren't receiving the desired amount of traffic.

"For this reason, numerous companies in Mississauga choose to rely on Dzign Square for their SEO and web design needs. In addition, the company assists with social media, Google advertisements, brand awareness, and more. With all services in one central location, businesses find they quickly move up in the search engine rankings and reap the benefits of doing so," Kuttab states.

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Dzign Square understands the importance of integrating all aspects of one's marketing campaign, from web design to Google advertisements. Every aspect of a company's marketing program needs to be optimized for the search engines for great results and Dzign Square works to ensure this is the case for every client they serve.

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