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Out of all the stick vacuum cleaners that Dyson have manufactured, the Dyson V8 is one of its more powerful ones. It can be used for up to 40 minutes, has HEPA filtration (the top of the line) and as several cleaning heads depending on what the floor type and the job is. This is a good vacuum cleaner for those who especially want a lighter stick type that still cleans effectively. What is a nice feature too is that it can be changed into a handheld vacuum cleaner so you can do spot cleans, stairs, cars and other jobs handhelds are especially useful for. So let's look at what you get exactly with the Dyson V8 stick vacuum cleaner.

Design and look of the Dyson V8 stick
As is the case with most of their stick vacuum cleaners, the manufacturer Dyson designed the V8 to have a base that is handheld which the wand is attached to. The trigger that powers it is on the handheld part of the cleaner, there is also the dustbin, the button to release the dustbin, one of the HEPA filters and the switch to power on and off.

The vacuum cleaner is easy to use and comfortable to hold. There is a trigger on the handle that you hold to keep it on as you clean. When it is time to empty the bin just pull up on the release tab over your rubbish bin and the bottom of the dustbin then opens to release the dirt. To move from handheld to stick cleaner and back again is also very easy and something most people can handle. There are a couple of places that need to be clicked on the stick and then also on the unit's base.

The color scheme of the vacuum cleaner is named Iron or Nickel. Along with the grey colors are accents of purple and red. It is a modern looking cleaner, attractive and sleek.

Performance of the Dyson V8
When cleaning with the Dyson V8 as a stick cleaner the cleaning heads you can use give two cleaning styles. There are also tools that come with it to allow you different cleaning options. One is a motorized brush roll clean and the other is a soft roller clean. They are easy to use and work well. This is an effective stick vacuum cleaner able to collect dirt, debris and even small particles of dust. The HEPA filtration ensures those small particles almost all remain in the cleaner and do not escape back into the room you are cleaning.

There are two versions of the Dyson V8, the Animal, made for people with pets especially and the Absolute. Both have a two-tier radical cyclonic cleaning system typical of Dyson cleaners. In many aspects the two types are the same, the dustbin, battery, suction, motor, for example, are all the same. The main difference between them is the Animal does not come with the fluffy cleaning head. This is great for hard floor cleaning and leaves a polished look behind it. If you can live without that and are fine with the color scheme of the Animal go with that as it does tend to be cheaper!

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