Dynamics Purley Launches Hot Yoga in Croydon To Rejuvenate Body and Mind

Dynamics Purley is offering Hot Yoga sessions, a unique form of yoga practiced in almost forty degree heat designed to purge the body of toxins and help the muscles stretch even further.

Hot yoga has become an increasing fascination throughout the west, as yoga itself has now become commonplace in gyms and fitness centres up and down the country. Hot Yoga offers a new level of challenge for experienced practitioners and a sense of novelty and extreme that makes it more appealing to fitness buffs who find typical yoga boring. Those looking for hot yoga in London need look no further than Dynamics Purley, where hot yoga sessions are now being offered throughout the week.

Hot Yoga can be a great way for athletes to improve their training regime, using the heat in the same way some use altitude- as a means by which to improve their performance in more favourable conditions. For the average practitioner, the benefits can include weight loss, enhanced strength and flexibility and a greater sense of mental clarity.

Hot Yoga sessions at Dynamics Purley are either 60 or 90 minutes long and consist of 26 poses designed to stretch out the body, refine the sense of balance and harmony, and provide enough of a physical challenge to help people improve their fitness. The sessions are practiced at 40 degrees in 40% humidity, adding challenge but crucially, helping the body get the best from the exercise.

A spokesperson for Dynamics Purley explained, “Hot Yoga uses heat to stimulate the flow of blood to the body. From the perspective of traditional yoga, Hot Yoga heats the muscles and gets them to their most pliable, elastic state which allows people to get more from their stretches. From a health and wellness perspective, Hot Yoga stimulates the flow of blood to all parts of the body, and increases the flow of perspiration which helps purge the body of toxins. It is a great way to go through a meditative and transformative experience that will leave people rejuvenated.”

About Dynamics Purley:
Dynamics health and fitness is a health and fitness center located in Purley. The center offers gym facilities together with massage and personal training services. The site runs a wide array of classes designed to improve health and well being, from traditional aerobics to cutting edge interval training to Hot Yoga.

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