Dutch Entrepreneur Paid 10 Years Of Mortgage Payments In 1 Month Using NFT

Lars Willemse provides a framework for remote workers to pursue the geoarbitrage lifestyle. As an alternative to renting property or taking out a mortgage, VacayShares is based on peer-to-peer crowdfunding.

The geoarbitrage lifestyle is intriguing for many, to say the least. Geoarbitrage means that anyone can enjoy a great lifestyle in locations where the money earned online lasts 5 to 10 times longer than in first-world countries.

Lars Willemse is a digital nomad who has been enjoying the perks of a remote lifestyle for quite some time, and he saw how Covid-19 accelerated this way of living for tons of people back in 2020. He noticed how this mindset change can be a unique opportunity. Being remote and going abroad to gain tax benefits, having the ability to fully take charge of life.

The Nomad Fest 2021 in mountain town Bansko, Bulgaria, inspired him to think about the future of digital nomads where the geoarbitrage lifestyle is going to be the standard. For the first pilot, He envisioned the possibility of selling high season vacation weeks, and it ultimately kickstarted the idea of VacayShares.

VacayShares is based on the concept of peer-to-peer crowdfunding. As an alternative to renting an apartment or taking out a mortgage to finance an apartment, anyone can buy an apartment for under $50,000 and finance that total amount by selling vacation weeks.

In October 2021, Lars launched the first VacayShares campaign on his Twitter (@LarsNFT) and since then eight weeks have been sold for an average of $3,250. To put that into perspective: this price roughly equals a 10-year mortgage payment; VacayShares made it possible in 1 month.

The VacayShares concept combines existing models such as Airbnb and timeshares (shared ownership or rentals of a vacation property) with a new model called non-fungible token, better known as NFT.

VacayShares uses timeshares for management purposes. Check-in times are always on Monday afternoon and check-out times are the following Monday morning. The user interface is similar to the one from Airbnb, allowing guests to log in to their account with their NFT and check all necessary booking details. The NFT is the ledger and the access token that also proves the ownership of the reservation.

Because the NFT continues to live on the blockchain, anyone can put an offer on the vacation NFTs. Buyers can choose to hold on to their purchased week or sell it. They can also rent out the apartment to their peers, which would lead to a great return on investment over time. Another option is to use the week and resell it after a few years to someone else, turning the NFT into a free vacation.

Because the getaway can be resold, used, or rented out every year, VacayShares is a unique long-term investment opportunity. The platform will become a place where people can start financing apartments in hidden gem locations and where vacationers lock in their weeks of yearly vacation to enjoy themselves, rent it to peers or resell it for profit. Altogether, anyone can start living the geoarbitrage lifestyle with the tools this new remote world provides.

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