Durable Dog Chew Toys that Last Longer Launched by CudlTuf

CudlTuf, a premium dog toy brand, launches line of fluffy and durable dog toys that can stand up to the most aggressive chewers, big and small. CudlTuf provides a variety of nearly indestructible, state of the art toys.

Dogs have a lot of energy, and owners are looking for durable dog toys so that dogs can chew as much as they need to. No one likes continuously purchasing new toys, but many dog toys cannot stand up to aggressive chewers. With this in mind, CudlTuf, a new brand in the dog toy industry, has launched a nearly indestructible dog toy that reportedly will last even the most aggressive chewers.

CudlTuf has released a series of dog toys that are made with Aduratek, a tear resistant technology that is heavy duty, yet plush to feel. CudlTuf understands that while dog toys should be durable, they should also be cuddly and cute. Plush, hardy material and minimal stuffing are paired with colorful, striking designs to create an interesting and innovative chew toy.

Sue Rodgerson, a spokesperson for CudlTuf, says, “Pet owners are looking for a nearly indestructible dog toy that lasts a long time. However, many toys made to be durable end up being stiff and unappealing for play. For this reason, we have developed toys for dogs that provide life-like movement when shaking. They are also plush for them to snuggle up with for a nap.”

Dog toys for aggressive chewers should not always look like lifeless exercise equipment, CudlTuf believes, and, for this reason, its two new dog toy designs provide a unique twist on the way dog owners perceive durable chew toys.

One of its products, the “Large Magic Unicorn”, has been designed to achieve a personal and stylish appearance. However, according to CudlTuf, it is much longer lasting than other plush toys. Featuring a rope that connects two of the eight appendages, this dog toy flops around so that dogs can burn up excess energy.

Dr. Margaret Gruen, a clinician at NC State University Animal Behavior Services says, “They [dogs] like the tactile stimulation of the toy hitting the side of their face. It’s just another part of exuberant play.”

According to reports, it is extremely important for dog toys to be as indestructible as possible. A robust dog toy is essential for allowing dogs the variety in the style of dog toys that fit them best, and also saves money in dog owners’ pockets. For these reasons, CudlTuf has also produced another toy, “The Large Rainbow”, that has more surface area for dogs who like to chew the toys extensively. CudlTuf also points out that allowing your dog to use different designs can be a healthy way for them to bond and dispense energy.

“Dogs seem to be excited about new toys, so switching between different designs can ensure that they are getting the most out of playtime. Having multiple durable toys for a playful, energetic dog helps to keep dogs entertained and happy,” continues Rodgerson.

Those interested in the new toys recently launched by CudlTuf can visit Amazon or its official website for more information.



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