Duongphi.Com Launches Apple’s Product Store in Vinh Long Province

Duongphi.com has launches a store that sells and buys Apple products and accessories in Vinh Long, Vietnam.

Duongphi.com has officially launched Apple’s product store in Vinh Long province. This company specializes in purchasing and selling Apple products like iPhone, iPad, etc. with the ideal warranty for each item. The company is known for its remarkable customer and after-sales service. The company gained popularity among the people of Vietnam after their honest business approach that specifies every item accurately without any misleading aspect.

The organization, after seeing the rise in the demand for purchase and selling of Apple products, decided to opt for opening a physical store only for these products. After launching this store, within a short period, they have sold an ample amount of iPhones due to their continually improving customer service. Their quality of service is what draws people to their store and helped them in growing.

The head of the Duongphi.com mentioned, “Our decision to open a store that would sell Apple products was easy. People love us due to our customer service as well as after-sales service; also, we realized that more people want to buy Apple products especially iPhones from us, which is why we opened a store that deals with Apple products and accessories.”

Apart from iPhones, the store has sold a few of the iPads too since it was opened. However, one of the most in-demand items includes various Apple accessories such as the battery, headphones, etc. Their sales number of such accessories is as high as the iPhone itself.
With such a fast-developing company, this firm is working to increase its operation to become the best in the nation. Anything related to iPhone Vinh Long or its accessories; this is the place where people now opt to go.

This store opening is just the start of their business expansion. They have set their sight much higher, and with such a loyal customer base, this organization should achieve its goals in the next five years. As far as expansion plans go, no official statement is released; however, there is a long list of investors already involved, which shows they will soon take massive steps in their business expansion plan.

The sales head of this organization remarked, “We do not doubt in our mind that we will reach the goals we have set for the next time. With constantly improving customer service, our sales number is increasing. Also, our loyal clientele, along with hard-working staff ensures that we will fulfil all the accomplishment shortly.”

From iPhone battery replacement in Vinh Long to other works associated with Apple’s products, this store is the place to be. With high sales number, it can be said that this organization is in the correct trajectory in this business sector.

About the company:
Duongphi.com improves sales as well as after-sales service and specializes their focus on buying and selling for Apple products such as iPhone, iPad, iPhone battery, Apple watch, etc. With different types of warranty and more; this organization innovates the way to improve customer satisfaction and service quality.
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Organization: Duong Phi
Address: 21C, Pham Thai Buong, Ward 4, Vinh Long
Phone: +84 907471010
Website: https://duongphi.com/

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