Dumbo was launched at JumboSwap at 14:00 on January 20th (UTC)

Dumbo was launched at JumboSwap at 14:00 on January 20th (UTC)

It is reported that Dumbo was launched at JumboSwap at 14:00 on January 20th (UTC). Dumbo is a joint cooperation project between Jumbo Innovation Lab and PEOPLE community. In the future, Web 3.0's SocialFi will be built under the model of SocialFi + NFT Fashion Brand Toy. It is a community experimental project.

It is hoped to build a peer-to-peer content and social platform, which is not affected by any external force, and achieves true decentralization. At the same time, users can also make content and social relations into NFT to switch any platform at will and continue to use. The production and sales process of NFT is also very imaginative, not only with celebrities co-branding, brand cooperation, project co-branding, but also bring practical toys into people's lives.

Token Name: DUM
Launch date: January 20th, 2022
Launch Swap: Jumbodefi.io
Official website: https://www.Dumbo.one
Whitepaper: https://jumbodefi.gitbook.io/dumbo/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DumboDefi
English Telegram Community: https://t.me/DumboSocialFI_Official
Chinese Telegram Community: https://t.me/DumboSocialFI_Chinese

The economic model of DUM

50 million in circulation at the opening, the total supply is 1 billion, and the sales will burn 10%

The distribution of single token is:
3.3% for IDO: used for pre-marketing and liquidity build-up
4% for the Team
1% for Institution
25% for bond-treasury: used to sell tokens at high prices and absorbed into the treasury, the treasury will be used for DeFi income such as lending, vault, investment, etc. When the token price inflation reaches a high point, and the token price start falling, it will be used for buybacks to speed up deflation.
25% for content reward: used to attract KOLs and users to join social platforms
25% for staking farms reward: used to reward users who are early supporters
16.7% for DAO: used for exchange listing, on-chain game development and other expenses.

Dumbo will be a very innovative mechanism. It is not simply that the inflation block progressively decreases, nor is it a simple DAO model that produces full output and then deflation, but the first three months will be a process of rapid inflation, with compound interest 20 times in three months. After that stop the output, deflation through the treasury buybacks, pay advertisements on social platforms, NFT, and the burning mechanism begins to deflate. When the deflation reaches 50 million - 100 million, inflation will be turned on again, and the inflation rewards will be distributed to the staking farms, content rewards and bond - treasury.

Regarding secondary public offering (SPO) and deflation, many users may not know what are the significance and benefits for the project. Let’s explain here, the necessary of SPO is because the platform needs to use it for rewarding some users that contribute to the platform. For example, if LP is needed, a farm will be established and users can provide LP in it, the platform uses the SPO tokens as a reward, which is conducive to motivating users to complete the early construction of the platform together.

In the case of deflation, as long as the early construction period is completed, the project will start to have stable income. Theoretically, if only there are 200 million tokens held and not sold, then the deflation will never be completed, and the platform income will be used for buyback and burn every day, the price will keep going up.

The application scenarios of DUM tokens

1. Users participate in staking DUM to earn farming yield.
2. Advertisement: When the platform obtains a specific user group and traffic, anyone can become an advertiser to "promote" their content. Advertisers need to stake DUM to ensure the authenticity of the content. The staked DUM will be refund without complaint within 3 months.
3. Crowdfunding investment opportunities. Based on its own traffic and user advantages, the platform will obtain the investment quota of high-quality projects and distribute it to DUM holders according to the proportion of DUM holdings. Users can decide whether to participate in the investment, but the amount will be guaranteed.
4. DUM can be used as the mechanism of user's content subscription and KOL reward.

Dumbo NFT and Fashion Brand toy

Nowadays all the NFT value systems are based on "concept" and "imagination", and there is no specific value empowerment. Many NFTs once end the heat, they will even lose the normal token income such as from market-making, staking mining, etc.

Dumbo's NFT has created a series of NFT works based on the concept of "Fashion Brand Toys". Among them, the Genesis edition will be responsible for establishing basic prototypes by the chief designer, and the follow-up series will be based on cooperation with different celebrities, brands and projects. For example, the series that cooperates with Binance is the D&B series, and the series that cooperates with CLOT is the D&C series. The last series will be designed and created by users on the basis of prototypes, and other users will vote for their favorite works, make them into NFT and fashion brand practical toys.

Users who hold NFT own the copyright and can get a share of the sales revenue of practical toys. If after-coming users like this NFT also and are optimistic about market sales expectations, they can participate in crowdfunding and provide production costs. Each batch of production is not less than 100 pieces. The products will be sold on the official website. The NFT owner and after-coming crowdfunding users can participate in it.

(For details, please refer to the introduction of the NFT section in the whitepaper)

The 2022 roadmap of Dumbo

Q1: The DAPP online, first batch of 100 Genesis NFTs will be sold
Q2: The social feature will be online and deflation start
Q3: The NFT market, fashion brand collaboration NFT, advertisement and social system
Q4: Token economic system will start the circulation again, will be listed on well-known centralized exchanges

Contact Info:
Name: Lio
Email: Send Email
Organization: Hong Kong Keyouda Electronic Trading Co., Ltd
Address: Hong Kong Lock Rd Wing Lock House 17-03
Phone: +85265705609
Website: http://www.dumbo.one

Release ID: 89061034