Duckymaze Earns Customer’s Trust for its Unique Website Design and Promotional Approach in E-Commerce

As an E-Commerce Website, Duckymaze is all set to take on the competition.

Duckymaze, an entertaining home and garden website, sets itself apart with a unique take on marketing. The company has invented a working strategy that does not require a customer to commit unless they are satisfied with their purchase. As an E-Commerce Website, Duckymaze is all set to take on the competition.

Unlike any other E-Commerce website, when they receive an order, the customer receives an email to confirm that they want this order processed even though they have ordered the product and checked the box that they agree to the terms and conditions. If the customer changes their mind, they are free to cancel the order while not having to pay a cancelation fee.

“We all dream about having a beautiful garden with freshly cut green grass, blue and red roses, maybe even with a swimming pool in the middle. You can make this your reality and create the best home environment that you might have not even known was possible. Don't wait for someone from your friends or family circle to discover DuckyMaze first and steal all of your unique ideas”, says a spokesperson for Duckymaze.

Duckymaze is dedicated to creating a positive brand image that relates to people of different ages. A 24/7 all-year-round YouTube video live stream with a chat feature displays 100's entertaining advertisements relating to home, garden, and toys for kids. According to research, they are the only shopping site to provide these bonus perks.

Their speaker Sarah is a proven boon to the company. Her regular Instagram live video via the company’s official Instagram page has garnered several shoppers and followers. She discusses the website, products and has friendly live chats with the audience. The company website has a unique maze design where each page is considered a stop spot where customers can enjoy beautiful designs. The maze is divided into fun interactive components like Comics land, Video land, Soapland, Maze Land, Talents Land, etc.

Duckymaze doesn’t believe in aggressive marketing. There is no email marketing, or pop-up messages asking visitors or buyers to sign up or subscribe. Visitors are thus free to enjoy their experience and buy products if they like. This ensures that the entire focus remains on improving the quality, diversity, and reliability of Duckymaze’s home and garden decoration products.

“Head over to our website today and find amazing deals at an affordable price that are of incredible value. Our vision is to remove the barriers that are preventing your projects from becoming true. Pinky the Duck and Todd bear are at your service to find you all the products you need”, says a spokesperson for Duckymaze.

Duckymaze promotions employ lots of dancing and entertaining videos. This strategy blends well with its brand image. Watch one such influencer video on Instagram:

Duckymaze is a Las Vegas-based dropship company. Their products are exclusively available in the US, UK, Japan, and Norway. They offer home and garden products along with toys for kids, a newly introduced department. Duckymaze’s products are colorful, where they market their products via entertainment, like songs, dancing, and entertaining advertisements.


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