DuckDAO: ample opportunities for earning and attracting investment

DuckDAO is a decentralized platform that helps promising projects unleash their potential by democratizing investment access and leveraging its power. In this article, you will learn about project goals, platform levels, and key benefits.

Our Goals

DuckDAO aims to democratize access to investment opportunities that were previously available only to well-heeled investors and venture funds, opening up the closed ecosystem of early-stage crypto project investments to everybody.

Our project seeks to break the cycle in which large investors invest in cryptocurrency projects, who buy a huge amount of tokens, and after a price increase, they sell them on the public market, thereby destroying the mood around the project.

DuckDAO believes in developing long-term partnerships with the projects we support, helping to ensure healthy, natural growth that ensures sustainable success.

DuckDAO platform’s tiers

There are three tiers on the platform:

Incubation Level: We work with projects from their very beginnings up until the points they are listed on an exchange, and some more in the aftercare phase. Incubated projects benefit from a range of marketing, advisory, and listing services to help catapult the project to success.

Strategic Contribution Level: We assist projects with social media strategy, including Twitter and Telegram.

General Contribution Level: DuckDAO manages OTC sales and community requests - there is no direct involvement with the project.

Thanks to DuckDAO, young and promising projects can easily receive their investments without worrying that later investors will begin to massively sell their tokens and destroy the trust in the project.

DuckDao Membership Benefits

As part of our collaboration, projects provide DuckDAO users with an allocation of tokens which we distribute to those who have joined our token-permissioned Telegram communities.

This is achieved through our token, the DuckDaoDime (DDIM), which can be leveraged to access our community tiers — each of which provides increasing benefits for our community.

Each user has the opportunity to receive rewards in the form of DDIM tokens for active participation in the life of the community, as well as become part of a private group and get the opportunity to participate in our transactions in the future. To do this, you must have at least 200 DDIMs on a registered DuckDAO wallet.

Users can also become part of the VIP group, with an account of 2500 DDIM or more. The VIP group has earlier access to the deals and some other advantages, and the Top10RichList has additional rights in VotingPower.

Customers in the highest tiers benefit from a larger percentage of the allocation we receive from each project, and hence members in higher tiers have a larger personal cap. We try to ensure part of the allocation reaches all premium tiers, giving everybody a chance to claim a stake in hot new projects.

DuckDAO VIP groups

In order for an article to be part of a private group, you must have 200 DDIM, and to enter the VIP group - 2500 DDIM. In addition to the VIP group, there will be VVIP, the amount for it has not yet been established, however, there will be the largest holders of our tokens, as well as people from the list of the 10 richest holders, which can always be seen on Etherscan.

To participate in our future trades, you need to have 200 DDIMs in your registered DuckDao wallet.

VIP and VVIP groups have earlier access to deals and some other benefits, and Top10RichList has additional rights in VotingPower.

The NFT game is an integral part of the DuckDAO project. DuckDAO Hunters is our contribution to the NFT ecosystem and our community. We have been actively working for a long time to create an NFT game, the basis of which is our mascot - Duck. Artists, game designers, and screenwriters helped create the game in order to give you an interesting experience.

DuckDAO Hunters Game

The game consists of 48 cards each with their own rarity, story, and narrative. The first person that collects all of the 48 unique cards will be crowned champion and win a prize of $ 100,000 USD in stablecoins.

There will be more than one winner, prizes will go to other participants who took the top places. Part of the prize pool will be funded by those who buy the cards. 48 cards will be revealed to the community throughout the game, approximately 3 per week.

Although cards will be bought, we have worked on the rules to make this game as fair as possible and give everyone the chance to win prizes.

The cards will be offered as rewards for keeping DDIM balances, participating in AMA, and supporting social media campaigns and activities from DuckDAO or the participating Twitter and Community Partners.

Join DuckDao and take full advantage of its unique opportunities!

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