DTS London- The right way to secure a house and get automated security solutions with ease

DTS London is a United Kingdom based company which provides a number of security solutions. They have been leaders in the field over the past two decades.

Securing a residential or commercial establishment is a huge task. There are a number of different factors that have to be taken into account. Home-owners and Business-owners are always on the lookout for premium services in the security sector.

In the search for the same, they go through many different references. These references can be a number of different resources. For a home-owner, this can include neighbors, friends and every local law-enforcement officials. This allows them to access different companies and a host of different services.
On the other hand, a business-owner refers to his or her local circle of contacts. They also check with local chapters of security based organizations. The yellow pages are one of the most used sources for this activity. Like the home-owners, this gives them a wide range of choices for their needs.

However, more often than not, these sources lead to an overflow of information. With so many companies in this sector, it becomes difficult for any individual to make the right choice. However, there is one company which has been providing such solutions over the past two decades.

www.dtslondon.co.uk has managed to build up a large number of clients over these years. The company provides its client base a large number of different services. Some of these services are listed below.

CCTV based solutions – These services use a network of closed circuit cameras to ensure the security of the location. The benefit of this service is that the footage can be saved in a central secure location and can be accessed at any time.
Access Based solutions- These services use a number of different options like identity cards, keypads and biometric based access to secure the location. They can be controlled from a centralized location and can also be accessed and modified from this location.

A specific alarm for Burglars- DTS London provides alarm solutions that are specific to keep out burglars and thieves. These alarms have an interactive system that protects and warns the residents of the house of any unauthorized entry. These systems can also help the residents alert the law enforcement authorities on time.
Wireless-based security solutions- These solutions are one of the most secure and easy to use systems. Since they can be modified and accessed remotely, the users of these systems can secure themselves with ease.

Remote monitoring based security solutions- Under these services, the company can monitor any location using its security systems. This service is offered mostly to owners of CCTV based security. The company can check in real-time what the reason for the activation of the alarm is. They can then inform the owner and local law enforcement.

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