Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center Owners Beware of “Double Agents” May Be In Your Facility

Addiction center owners biggest fears are coming true, moles, acting as clients, are infiltrating houses, paying patients big cash to leave the house to enter another facility.

The increase of opiate addiction has fueled a new sophisticated addict, the treatment for money addict. All the recent news about drug addiction show a surge in people struggling with substance abuse. The huge numbers of drug treatment centers that have popped up over the last few years, unfortunately some are mismanaged, and are getting hit by moles or double agents acting as clients, and paying other clients to leave the house with the lure of a lot of cash, in some instances $2,000 per client. Body brokers, sometimes referred to as human traffickers, are the main culprits behind the scene, enticing clients to jump from treatment center, to treatment center as the broker gets paid upwards of $10,000 per client. Obamacare may have had a hand in this increase as the no pre-existing conditions insurance clause may have added to the influx of cash hungry addicts who have found a way out of making money going to drug and alcohol treatment centers. It pays to be an addict; this was in nature due to the fact that addicts can attend several treatment centers for the year, sometimes up to 9 or 10 facilities for the year.

It is a vicious cycle. The addict gets paid by the broker, gets other clients to leave with him or her, sometimes clearing out a whole house, to go to another facility willing and waiting because the treatment center knows that their insurance is still good. The body broker pays the clients a large sum of cash, and they repeat this over and over again as they line their pockets with money. The sad news is that some of these clients are dying as the result of having more money than they are used to and overdosing as a result of the new found cash. One treatment center owner, who asked to be nameless stated, “This is like the wild, wild, west, no laws, no rules, something has got to be done.”

The insurance companies have gotten savvy to this and are in the midst of major changes which will shake up the drug and alcohol treatment industry. There are talks of limiting the number of times an addict may go to treatment, where they may go, and what type of care they could receive may play a huge role in stifling the way in which an addict may enter treatment. Florida and California are leading the way as they have been hit the hardest by the illegal activities by the addict /alcoholic seeking help, the illegal body brokers, and law breaking treatment centers. The addiction industry is crying out for help and it’s about to come, maybe not what they were asking for but in a format that will clean things up by both the insurance companies and local and Federal law enforcement agencies.

Sober Life Services offers marketing for treatment centers and is committed in helping the addict get the correct treatment sufficient for their recovery. In addition, Sober Life Services works with the drug and alcohol treatment center owners in assisting them with a legal marketing campaign which will completely eliminate any worry of bad clients or law breaking body brokers. Times are changing for sure as the insurance companies are tightening down to help secure the future of the drug and alcohol treatment in our nation. Please feel free to contact Sober Life Services with any questions or help you may need.

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