Drop the Balancing Act: The Shower Sidekick Is Women’s Shaving Grace

Game-changing portable, adjustable shower stand answers women’s call for a safer, more sanitary, and less awkward way to shave their legs.

The newly launched Shower Sidekick is the portable, adjustable stand making women’s shaves a whole lot smoother. Ideal for use in hotels, gyms, dorms, houses and apartments, the Shower Sidekick cleverly locks into any shower corner to provide a perfectly balanced footrest for shaving legs and other hard to reach places. Now available on Amazon in lavender and teal, the Shower Sidekick was invented by a woman for women in hopes of providing a safer, easier, and more goddess-like shaving experience.

“The majority of people would agree that dangerously balancing on one foot with a sharp object pressed to your skin is a bad idea, and yet, most women do it daily. The only other alternative: sitting on the shower floor…not a great option, especially if you are shaving in a hotel, gym, dorm, or other shared space,” says Kristin Wald, creator of the Shower Sidekick. “It seemed silly to me that with all of this technology in the world, women were still struggling with this very basic issue. That’s why I created the Shower Sidekick. I figured it was about time we brought the act of shaving into the modern age.”

The Shower Sidekick boasts a clever lock and lean design that can be secured into any 3-wall shower in just seconds—no complicated installation here. It is expertly engineered using an elegant, strong anodized aluminum and high-grade plastic for ultimate non-slip stability and lifetime use. There is even a convenient tray to rest a razor. And, its lightweight, collapsible design makes for easy disassembly and pack-up, a must for travel and shared spaces.

“At the end of the day, I just want to make women’s lives a little bit easier,” says Wald. “Life is full of frustrations and setbacks, and oftentimes, it’s those small improvements, like being able to safely and gracefully shave in the shower, that can make the day-to-day that much better.”

As part of the brand’s mission to empower women, a portion of all Shower Sidekick proceeds will go toward benefitting aspiring female entrepreneurs.

For videos and more information, please visit http://cotidea.com/.

To purchase the Shower Sidekick today, visit https://www.amazon.com/Cotidea-The-Shower-SidekickTeal/dp/B01M3TNAZ6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1477341968&sr=8-1&keywords=Cotidea&th=1

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