DrGrowPro Launches Hydroponic Systems Product Line Together With Grow Tents

DrGrowPro is helping people grow their own fruits and vegetables in urban areas using hydroponic systems and grow tents, and has launched tools and advice to make it possible.

As more and more of the earth’s population moves toward the urban centers, and that population increases exponentially, a greater and greater burden is being placed upon industrial agriculture to provide food. At the same time, many of the people in those urban centers wish to engage in horticulture as a hobby, but have no outlet. DrGrowPro provides a suitable solution, offering to help people grow food in their urban homes and alleviate the pressure on farming by using the latest hydroponics solutions. The website has launched a full product line and resource center to help people get started.

The new product line includes full hydroponic systems, grow tents, LED Grow Lights, grow buckets and more, designed to offer everything people need to create a micro-environment that will nourish life, using the smallest amount of electricity and water possible. Advice for how to set up the system, and what to grow within it, is available in a free ebook on indoor gardening included with every order.

The blog covers a wide range of different topics pertaining to indoor agriculture, including advice, best-practices and inspiration for individuals to take advantage of. The website offers a huge range of different products covering different scales of production, to ensure there is something for everyone, from beginner to aficionado.

A spokesperson for DrGrowPro explained, “Hydroponics may well be one of the keys to creating a sustainable food future for humankind. We consume far too much and produce not nearly enough, and what we do produce typically comes at grievous cost to the environment. Hydroponics aims to overcome all these challenges through the use of technology and modern approaches. It is becoming more popular as a hobby every day, and DrGrowPro will help more people than ever discover the keys to creating and sustaining organic life indoors.”

About DrGrowPro: DrGrowPro is an online resource center and store dedicated to the knowledge and tools necessary to build a successful urban hydroponic enterprise, growing natural foods in metropolitan environments. The website has a regularly updated blog featuring advice and guidance, together with a continually expanding online store that offers the very best grow tents, LED lights, bucket growers and more.

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