Dreamin Decor Launches New Website To Revolutionize The Way Everyone Shop For Furniture

Dreamin Decor has created a whole new kind of furniture magazine-catalogue hybrid, generating virtual interiors using affordable furniture, which can be clicked to purchase from within the images.

Interior decorating is perhaps the strongest way that people can express their personality, taste and style within their home. Often people take to Google for inspiration, only to be frustrated when they find the perfect item in an image, but are unable to source it for lack of information. Those days are now over thanks to DreaminDecor, a new website that creates virtual home sets using affordable furniture items, with every item in the image linked to where it can be purchased. The site has just been launched, and will help transform the way people become inspired to buy.

The website’s editor and interior designer Ashley creates virtual designs on Photoshop, inspired by specific styles, with products that can be easily found and purchased in online stores. Customers can look at the images of the virtual interiors (the same practice Ikea uses to generate its catalogue photography) and find all the products used tagged in the image, with links to the relevant retailers.

As such, users will no longer have to worry about going through all the hassle of finding a product they saw in an interior design photo, with nothing to go on but basic descriptors. The site offers truly actionable inspiration, creating home decor ideas with an affordable budget in mind.

A spokesperson for Dreamin Decor explained, “When you're looking for home decor inspiration, you find lots of pictures from super expensive homes that are unrealistic for the average person. When you find a piece of furniture that you like in one of these photos and you want to purchase it for your home, you don't even know where to look. Our format solves that problem, so these home decor ideas are approachable, affordable and achievable for anyone. They look gorgeous too, so these are ideas people will love to have in their home.”

About Dreamin Decor: Dreamin Decor scours the home design market for trends, products and bargains in the interior design world, keeping a keen eye on what designers are featuring in their showrooms to pass on the latest trends and looks. They focus on composing combinations of affordable items that create stylish interiors for all.

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