Dreame Upgrades Benefits Project to Financially its Writers

Dreame Starts a New Chapter Redefining Story Creation and Web Novel Industry.

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Singapore, August 19, 2022: Dreame, the multilingual storytelling platform launched by Singapore-based startup Stary, rolled out an attention-grabbing benefits project for writers during its 4th anniversary celebration.

The Dreame 4U project aims to help writers of different groups get more out of their stories. For expert writers, Dreame introduces a targeted activity called "Summer Update Programme" in five language areas, incentivizing higher-tier writers to create and update their long-form original stories more frequently. 

Under the Summer Update Programme, eligible participants are challenged to complete three writing missions in a month to grow within the platform. 

Dreame also unveils the Peer Review Event for novice writers who attend this project, offering them a stage to share book reviews and further inspire themselves. In addition, a newly-launched feature helps signed newcomers through revenue ad generation.

"As web novel platforms continue to scale up investment in this market, their products and operations are revamped more exquisitely to bring better user experience. With our new project we want to tap into and cultivate professional writers’ talents." Jane Chien, the spokesman from Dreame said. 

In her view, the 4th anniversary celebration will be taken as a good opportunity for Dreame to explore more initiatives to support diversified writers based on product and content innovation. "Dreame always encourages writers to treat creating as something that can build both self and financial worth, instead of just seeing it as a gig work."

To arouse readers' interest in stories, Dreame also launched a series of promotions, fueling a more than 50% rise in both reads and exposure of its stories. 

In recent years, the web novel has been riding a strong tide of popularity as it has become one of the alternatives for people to entertain, and has started to pose a far-reaching impact on the existing content industry. Technavio's latest research estimates that reader engagement of e-books is driving this market's growth, resulting in a market growth of USD 6.93 billion from 2020 to 2025.

For Dreame itself, according to the third-party data platform data.ai, from July 2021 to the end of June 2022, it tops the revenue rankings of global online literature platforms, reaching $54.6 million.

Based on consolidating the advantages of its original content, Dreame has introduced nearly 70,000 works in text, comics, audio, and other versions within these two years, covering 20 major languages worldwide. Among its text works, in addition to popular genres like werewolf, vampire and urban fiction, there are over 20 genres represented, including sci-fi, romance, historical novel, classic literature, among others. 

Apart from giving writers a platform to grow, Dreame has been unremitting in its protection of writers' intellectual property rights in recent years. Dream has launched a campaign to fight against piracy by various means including lawsuits, reporting channels, and collaboration with associations and companies within the industry. Data shows, Dreame stops piracy at a 97% rate over a one week span.

As the parent company of Dreame, Stary has been emerging as the front-runner in the booming web fiction space. Owning other multilingual products like Innovel, Sueñovela, among others, Stary will continue to rev up the diversity of its content ecosystem by enhancing cooperation with book publishers and talented writers as well as developing content relevant to audiobooks, adventure games, webcomics, and so on.

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