Dr Wolf Offers Advanced Abdominoplasty For Those Seeking A Tummy Tuck In Dayton Ohio

The Dayton Ohio based plastic surgeon offers a wide range of skin reduction and retraction treatments for weight loss patient including Abdominoplasty.

Abdominoplasty is essentially a facelift for the abdomen. The procedure should be considered by those individuals whom excess skin around the abdomen appears thin and lacking in elasticity. For less severe cases Dr. Wolf’s Laser Lipo Plus can be used to create skin retraction, but for more advanced cases, this cannot meet the goals of successful rejuvenation. And thus, he offers full abdominoplasty services for those seeking a tummy tuck in Dayton Ohio to regain their youthful outline.

Individuals with an excessive amount of skin after significant weight loss are also prime candidates for abdominoplasty. Some individuals also desire of a more aggressive approach and for them, this procedure is most suitable to meet their needs. Compared to liposuction, a tummy tuck usually requires at least 2 weeks off work for recovery, and should only be performed by a highly qualified specialist.

For those interested in undergoing the procedure, a consultation with Dr Wolf will determine whether liposuction or abdominoplasty will be an appropriate solution to the problem based on the specific circumstances of the individual, with no pressure to undertake more elaborate procedures if they are not the best fit for treatment.

Dr Wolf’s procedure is radically different from those offered by his competition. He explained, "Classic abdominoplasty typically severs the blood and nerve supply traveling from the muscular abdominal wall to the skin. In our procedure, liposuction is utilized to debulk the abdominal region and when the abdominal skin and fat is lifted the connections to the abdominal wall remain intact."

Dr Wolf went on to say, "If necessary a plication of the abdominal wall is performed. Skin and fat are removed from the lower portion of the abdomen and in most cases the bellybutton is recreated so that its position is in harmony with the rest of the abdominal changes."


About Dr Wolf: Dr. Raymond Wolf is an accomplished board certified phlebologist and cosmetic surgeon. He has received personal training from industry leaders within the cosmetic surgery and phlebology fields and has incorporated these teaching and techniques into his Ohio practice. Dr. Wolf has performed safe and effective surgical and non-surgical procedures in the greater Dayton Area since 1989.

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