Dr. Valerie Nelson of Abundant Life Wellness Announces The Addition of Latest Product Line for Thyroid Patients

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This Board Certified Natural Doctor has earned a solid reputation among online users who prefer a more natural, non-toxic approach to their health issues hence garnering a very high success rate.

The increased use of allopathic medication has highlighted numerous side effects over the last few decades, which is one of the main reasons that a natural homeopathic doctor is preferred over traditional practice these days for many people seeking a more natural approach.

Dr. Valerie Nelson is well versed in the areas of holistic treatments, integrative specialization and herbal medicines. Over the course of the last decade, she has treated a multitude of clients ranging over various cases of physical ailments – so much so that today, Dr. Nelson’s products are high in demand at popular retailer websites on the internet including Amazon (although less expensive on her private website DoctorValProducts.com ). 

According to customers, the entire range of available products at the official Abundant Life Wellness website (DoctorValProducts.com) have minimum or absolutely no side effects. The reason is attributed to the usage of naturally occurring ingredients and herbs, which stimulate the body’s innate defense system towards a gradual recovery.

As of last few years, the Thyroid supplements section at Dr. Nelson’s official website has earned a positive reputation among clients who reportedly had a case of undiagnosed thyroid issues or vice versa. A lot of these users have left glowing reviews, stating that the homeopathic natural doctor’s supplementation has not only helped improved the quality of life, but also boosted body’s ability to filter out various toxins responsible for causing these issues in the first place.

Another area of popularity are her line of supplements geared towards candida and yeast. Most individuals do not realize that most digestive/colon/food sensitivity issues actually stem from a candida or yeast issue. Her Digestion Pack includes 3 products that are very popular in resolving digestion issues. You can actually watch a 2 minute video on youtube.com Candida and Yeast - Treating Naturally - Natural Doctor's 3 Step Process to treat Candida Albicans.

Dr. Nelson has developed a product called Stress Calming Factors that helps those who are suffering from anxiety and depression. She has also developed a product which helps to neutralize the damaging effects of radiation output from cell phones and other electronics. These are cell phone neutralizers and can be found on her website.  Again, there is a video on youtube.com called Simple & Easy Protection From Cell Phone Radiation and these can be found on Amazon here:  www.amazon.com/dp/B01HIT4QXM .

The official Dr. Valerie Nelson product line is available for sale at her website, or at third party online e-commerce stores, such as Amazon etc. She also engages actively with people from all over the world through popular social media websites, YouTube and welfare seminars.

In celebration of a long standing successful practice. Dr. Nelson has extended a limited time discount on her company’s products. Any online shopper who purchases three of the same Dr. Valerie Nelson products, is entitled to a $10 discount off that 3 pack promo deal. This is to ensure that shoppers can get by with a satisfying experience as compared to conventional online medication platforms. These discounted prices can only be found at www.DoctorValProducts.com.

The professional line products are manually handpicked and featured by Dr. Valerie Nelson herself to serve customers with better and long lasting results. For general information, product inquiry on thyroid related issues, visit the homeopathic doctor website at DoctorValerieNelson.com today.

About Dr. Valerie Nelson:

Dr. Nelson is a Board Certified Natural Integrative Doctor; Master Herbalist & has a degree in Certified Nutritional Counseling. She approaches conditions from a whole body perspective. As a result, her treatment has garnered a massive following over the last few years.

You do not need to be a client of Dr. Nelson to order her supplements, with the exception of the thyroid supplements. She is available for phone consultations across the US.

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Name: Dr. Valerie Nelson - Abundant Life Wellness
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