Dr. Thomas Balshi Launches Intilight Skin Cream To Provide Safe and Efficient Skin Lightening

Dr. Thomas Balshi has developed an effective and skin friendly lightening cream to create a consistent, lighter skin tone across the body, without the need for harmful, aggressive bleaching ingredients.

Skin lightening is something millions of people want to achieve. Whether it be uneven blotches on the skin or unsightly discoloration, evening out skin tone is a way for people to feel more flawless. Unfortunately, many skin lightening techniques require bleaching with harmful ingredients, like Kojic Acid, or even mercury. Dr. Thomas Balshi, an award-winning dermatologist from Delray Beach Florida, has created a fantastic new solution that doesn’t require such astringent chemicals. Intilight is designed to offer affordable, effective and transformative skin lightening using natural, non-toxic ingredients.

Intilight Skin Lightening Cream therefore offers a skin-friendly skin lightening and bleaching solution. Prepared using special, non-toxic ingredients, Intilight was developed through years of laboratory research. It offers quick skin lightening and pain-free hair removal results, without any side effects on the skin.

Consumers can get the best deals and discounts for Intilight skin lightening cream on the website (http://Intilight.com/), where there is a special introductory offer to encourage people to see the results for themselves. Individuals can place an order for speedy delivery, with fast and secure payment options available.

The website also offers many resources designed to help people learn more about skin lightening creams, understand the risks and rewards, and see how Intilight stands apart in the industry as a unique solution.

Dr. Balshi explained Intilight cream, and his Excelite Booster collectively, “bring an outstanding result for any type of skin. The cream has shown impressive results for over 2,000 patients so far, and this number increases every month. It contains powerful ingredients that remove pigmentation and other skin blemishes, to offer a soft and beautiful skin tone that can be flaunted with pride in public. The product is something I am very proud of, and something that I believe will help many people feel more confident in themselves and their skin.”

About Dr. Thomas Balshi
Dr. Balshi is a Board Certified and award-winning dermatologist who has treated a huge number of different skin care problems across his storied career. Merging his expertise in dermatology with the dedication of a passionate team, he has created an effective, affordable and high quality skin lightening solution called Intilight. The cream enables individuals to lighten their skin consistently and evenly.

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Organization: Balshi Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery
Address: 4665 W. Atlantic Ave. Suite B Delray Beach, FL 33445
Phone: 561-272-6000
Website: http://Intilight.com

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