Dr. Tavakoli Talks About Tummy Tuck Operations For Mothers

Women who have had children often complain about protruding tummies or excess folds of skin or fat. Dr. Tavakoli shares why a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is a suitable solution.

Based on his experience as a plastic surgeon, Dr. Kourosh Tavakoli says that the desire to return to their pre-pregnancy shape following childbirth is the leading reason why women book appointments for a consultation with him. For these women, their aim is restoration, not transformation. They do not want something new – only to restore what they had previously.

Women are more determined than ever to take the necessary steps to restore their pre-baby body and confidence. For many of them, this also gives them the opportunity to correct long-standing problem areas that may have become prominent during pregnancy.

According to experts, tummy tuck operations result in some of the greatest transformations in plastic surgery. A good surgeon has the ability to completely remodel a patient’s core region and waist line by repairing the rectus muscle separation, contouring fat and removing excess skin.

However, Dr. Tavakoli advises against having the procedure until at least 18 months have passed after a woman gives birth to her last child. During consultation, he ensures that each prospective patient is not suffering from postnatal depression and that she is in good health.

Tummy tucks are always performed under general anesthesia. An incision is made across the lower abdomen and another circular one is made around the navel. The skin is separated from the muscle and pulled up toward the ribs, and the tummy is tightened by stitching the muscles together. Through liposuction, the outer fat is contoured to form the new shape.

Depending on how much the abdomen has become stretched, abdominoplasty for women after childbirth could take different approaches. For instance, if the patient only requires the abdominal muscles tightened and a small amount of skin removed, a mini-tuck may be sufficient. On the other hand, extensive abdominal damage may require an extensive tummy tuck operation, also known as a body lift.

Women who have had caesareans usually need a fully abdominoplasty. The love handles and upper thighs can be resculpted through liposculpture. This is often included as part of the tummy tuck after childbirth, especially since no amount of exercise or dieting brings about the changes that women desire.

When consulting with Dr. Tavakoli, patients are also made aware of the fact that the surgery leaves a scar. In most cases, the scar heals well and fades over a period of about 2 years. He uses Barbed Suture technology to achieve a minimal length scar. FRAXEL laser technology is also utilized to deal with scars.

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