Dr. Tavakoli Discusses Breast Lift Operations and What Patients Should Expect

Many women today want to look their best, regardless of their age. As a result, there is an increasing portion of the adult female population seeking information about breast lift surgery.

There is little a woman can do about the effect of gravity of her breasts. However, great strides have been taken in medicine, giving women the ability to choose how they look regardless of their age or circumstances.

Dr. Tavakoli, one of Australia’s most popular plastic surgeons, says that a breast lift is usually the best way to improve the positioning and shape of a woman’s breasts following weight loss or breastfeeding. In addition, while a breast lift will not increase the size of the breasts, the procedure may be combined with a breast augmentation procedure.

Having performed over 1000 breast lift surgeries, Dr. Tavakoli has noticed that plastic surgery can be complicated for most women, largely because of the scars left behind and the associated costs. Whenever possible, he uses an implant to achieve the lift. However, this is not an effective option for women whose skin has stretched too much, losing its elasticity.

Breast implants can help rectify the volumetric problem in breasts that are otherwise perfectly shaped. However, implants alone will not rectify issues relating to the nipple position, or excessive skin envelope.

A typical breast lift procedure involves moving the nipple-areola position, reshaping breast tissue and removing excess skin. Although the breast tissue amount does not change, the shape could change dramatically, affecting the overall size and projection of the breasts. Implants can be used for an even greater breast size increase.

Given the spectrum of breast shapes and conditions that exist today, plastic surgeons realize that using breast implants alone may not always produce results that are aesthetically acceptable. As such, a good surgeon must assess the geometry and design of the breasts. Three crucial parameters that must be considered are the breast volume and shape, the condition of the skin, and the nipple position.

A breast lift procedure by Dr. Tavakoli for breasts that are extremely droopy usually involves the modern “Internal Bra” technique in which the patient’s breast tissue are anchored to her chest wall. This creates an auto-augmentation look without requiring the use of breast implants.

When consulting with his patients, Dr. Tavakoli ensures that they understand the surgery cannot be performed without some scarring. In most cases, they scars heal well and fast, but they could also persist for a few years for some women. For the most part, Dr. Tavakoli uses techniques that create minimal scarring for the most desirable visual outcome.

About Dr. Tavakoli
Dr. Tavakoli’s years of experience in breast lift procedures have allowed him to refine the four internationally accepted surgical techniques. He believes that in the field of cosmetic and plastic surgery, experience, expertise and artistry are essential for success. He is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons since 1994.

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