Dr. Ron Buro Helps Patients Attain Straighter Smiles Using Orthodontic Treatment

Family First Dental & Implant Center in Leesburg, VA is helping teen and adult patients achieve straighter smiles with Invisalign clear braces.

Dr. Ron Buro, cosmetic and dental implants dentist at Family First Dental & Implant Center in Leesburg, VA is helping teen and adult patients achieve straighter smiles while allowing them to feel confident about their smiles during the process. Using Invisalign clear braces, Dr. Buro’s patients can feel great about their smiles while working to improve them.

While conventional braces with metal brackets and wires are effective in straightening teeth, they often leave patients feeling self-conscious about their smile and feeling like a “metal mouth” during the course of treatment. With Invisalign technology, Dr. Buro and his team are able to provide patients with the same results as conventional braces just with a more aesthetic and comfortable orthodontic process.

The Invisalign process uses some of the latest 3D computer imaging technology available to take images of the patient’s smile and transform them into fabricated clear plastic aligners that will gradually move the patient’s teeth into alignment over a period over several months. The technology designs a series of these aligners that are switched out approximately every two weeks throughout the treatment period that gradually shift the position of the teeth. These aligners are completely removable in addition to being practically invisible, giving patients much more lifestyle flexibility with this method of orthodontic treatment.

The clear Invislaign aligners utilize a different force than conventional braces which means patients experience less pain and discomfort while their teeth are moving. Additionally, patients are able to remove the aligners while eating, whereas with conventional braces patients often struggle with food and debris getting caught in the metal brackets and wires. And because patients can also remove the aligners to brush and floss, Invisalign patients are able to maintain better oral health during the course of treatment as well.

In addition to offering Invisalign, Dr. Buro specializes in conventional and mini dental implants for adult patients who have missing permanent teeth. He has extensive experience with placing implants and is able to provide patients with transformed, permanent smiles that will last a lifetime.

Dr. Ron Buro has more than 40 years of experience as a dental professional. He completed his dental education at Howard University in 1972 and throughout his career he has completed numerous continuing education courses in a variety of dental sub specialties, including orthodontia and Invisalign. Recently, Dr. Buro was named as one of the 50 best dental practitioners by The Washingtonian and was featured by Washington Checkbook Magazine as one of the top dentists in the Washington D.C. areas.

For more information about Dr. Ron Buro and the Invisalign services he offers for Leesburg, VA patients at Family First Dental & Implant Center, please visit http://www.leesburgsmiles.com.

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