Dr. Robert Moran Addiction Psychiatrist of Wellington Retreat Calls for Quiet Revolution in the Addiction Treatment Industry

Wellington Retreat is looking to stage a quiet revolution in addiction treatment by modeling best practices, innovated by their CEO Dr. Robert A Moran, an addiction psychiatrist.

It may come as a surprise to most people that of the more than 12,000 addiction treatment centers in the United States, only one of them is run by an addiction psychiatrist. Wellington Retreat stands alone in this regard, and this gives the practice considerable advantages when it comes to effectively treating addiction. The head of the treatment center, Dr. Robert A. Moran, has been active in the field for 25 years. He has continued not just to observe the evolution of psychiatric understanding, but to apply it to therapy, and contribute to its efficacy.

Wellington Retreat Palm Beach offers a personalized approach to care that aims to uncover the underlying co-morbid conditions such as depression, narcissism, emotional trauma, anxiety, or even more aggressive conditions like schizophrenia. These often spur the initial addiction and will inevitably cause relapse if untreated. By treating not just addiction but the contributing factors and root causes, they offer a more complete approach than ever before.

Dr. Robert A. Moran is so confident in this approach that he is calling for a quiet revolution in the addiction treatment industry. He calls for more practices to be led, like his, by a qualified addiction psychiatrist. They can then bring to bear cutting edge thinking and approaches. He hopes this will contribute to bringing forward the day when addiction is fully understood.

Dr. Moran the Wellington Retreat CEO explained, “The problem with this industry is competition. People have so far kept successful methods to themselves, considering them proprietary. But in research, sharing our knowledge is the only way to create progress, and that’s what we are calling for, from my position as a true authority in this field. I hope for a new generation that will share in the successes and developments that I have discovered through my treatment of patients, so that more people can be treated more effectively than ever.”

About Wellington Retreat: Wellington Retreat is an Addiction Treatment Center located in Palm Beach, FL. At Wellington Retreat, the focus is on helping individuals overcome addiction by using an individualized approach to addiction treatment. The belief is that understanding a patient on a personal level is essential, in order to determine the root causes of their addiction, and begin to overcome these, so the pattern will not be repeated.

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