Dr. Randle Offers Combination Facelifting And Fat Grafting Treatments To Perth Customers

Dr. Peter Randle, a Perth-based plastic surgeon, now offers a new treatment to customers. This combination of facelifting and fat grafting treatment aims to target two of the most common complaints patients have at once to help them meet their beauty goals.

Alongside a wide range of other cosmetic procedures, all designed to help patients make positive changes to their appearance, confidence, and lifestyle, Dr. Peter Randle has started to provide combination facelifting and fat grafting treatments from his offices in Perth, which can significantly improve the outcome of facial rejuvenation surgery.

Facelifts are a common treatment, that works to offer a more pleasing counter to the neck and face of the patient, designed to fight many of the signs of aging, such as wrinkling, sagging jowls, and loss of facial definition. Fat grafting is another treatment that aims to reshape the body by removing unwanted fat from one area and adding it to another, which can address unflattering fat pockets while adding volume where it was needed. Dr. Randle offers specific expertise in this treatment, bringing nano fat grafting to Australia which makes it easier to inject fat precisely into any individual wrinkles.

The combination of treatments allows the facelift to address areas of loose skin, while the fat grafting can fill out hollow areas in the face while also correcting structural tissue to the face. Combined with the fat injection’s stem cells, which are known to provide rejuvenation benefits to the skin, this can provide long-lasting results.

This combination of treatments, with the use of new fat grafting technology, is being welcomed as a game-changer throughout the plastic surgery world and, now, Dr. Randle is proud to be able to offer it to his patients in Perth and the surrounding areas.

Dr. Peter Randle is an experienced plastic surgeon that has been working in Perth, WA for years. He is the only surgeon in the whole stage that is board-certified in plastic surgery in both Australia and the United States. As a fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, a member of the Australian Society of Plastic surgeons, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, he can provide the highest quality of plastic surgery treatments. He brings over a decade of experience in the US, alone, and has worked with surgeons around the world on reconstructive surgery before moving into aesthetic treatments.

To learn more about Dr. Peter Randle, Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon, his combination facelifting and fat grafting treatments, and the host of other treatments he offers, you can visit his website at https://drprandle.com.au/.

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