Dr. Rami Shaheen Masterminds the Success of Gulf Countries in the Tortoise Global AI Index

Top-notch global consultant and AI advocate, Dr. Rami Shaheen, champions the digital transformation of Arab countries, leveraging his expertise in artificial intelligence

One of the leading names in the AI field, Dr. Rami Shaheen, looks poised to put the Arab world on the global map in the area of artificial intelligence. The experienced consultant and AI advocate is reportedly responsible for the high ranking of the Arab and Gulf countries in futuristic technology. Dr. Rami has deservedly taken the credit for the high rankings in the Global AI Index by Tortoise for his consultations and inspiring works as the MENA Accreditation Manager of IAIDL.org.

The Gulf countries are currently among the leaders in AI in their part of the world, with Dr. Rami Shaheen contributing significantly to this feat. The consultant has earned global repute for his keynote speeches, AI conferences, TV appearances, seminars, and corporate events, as he passionately promotes futuristic technologies such as AI, blockchain, machine learning, IoT, 4th Hyp tools, and future management tools.

The Arab countries have particularly benefitted from his works, leveraging his wealth of knowledge and determination to access insightful and well-researched information, trends, and future directions of AI and management tools. As a public speaker, he is known for coaching and mentoring executive teams and government councils, addressing a large number of audiences, including small and private leadership retreats.

Dr. Rami has been consulting in several countries across Asia, including the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Japan, in his position as a transformation consultation. He was in charge of deploying AI, LIFO, and Innovation thinking systems in these countries, recording a remarkable level of success with each project. He is also an advisor to international leaders and CEOs and a member of the Boards of Advisors in international organizations, such as the IAIDL, where he uses his wealth of knowledge and experience to champion groundbreaking initiatives.

For more information about Dr. Rami Shaheen and his works, please visit - https://ramishaheen.com/en/. Dr. Rami can also be found across social media, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

About Dr. Rami Shaheen
Dr. Rami holds a BSC in Business Information System, MBA in International Business, and a Ph.D. in (IHRM) Human Resources Management. He is also a Certified Artificial Intelligence Trainer from the University of Helsinki and holds an International License in Artificial Intelligence (Advanced Level). He is the only consultant in the Arab world capable of assessing the maturity in artificial intelligence using future tools in government institutions. He is also the author of the MENA top-selling book on Artificial Intelligence and Future Tools published by the international American publishing company IGI. Dr. Rami is a permanent member of the German-Chinese artificial Intelligence associate, Arab Society for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, Business Continuity council.

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