Dr. Nina Bal, Star Of The Show “Bodyfixers”, Builds Her Brand With Relationship-Focused Business Practices

Meet the Cosmetic Doctor building a Celebrity following differently than many of her competitors. Focusing heavily on relationship principled business practices as opposed to ethically questionable social media practices.

As a star on the Show “Body Fixers" Dr. Nina Bal has built an unbelievable brand as one of the leading influencers in the Cosmetic Practice Industry. Up there with the leading stars in her industry, Cosmetic Practice stars have become such often times by utilizing social media’s new image focused approach as leverage to go viral on the Internet. Uniquely enough, Dr. Bal hasn’t become the star she is by exposing clients’ bodies, but through another approach.

Social Media of today, especially Instagram, is programmed to leverage posts that appeal aesthetically. Luckily enough, Dr. Bal and other Cosmetic Doctors on these platforms, specialize in improving people’s aesthetics. When a post goes live on Instagram, Instagram’s algorithm views the interactions with this post and how well it appeals to the community. When a post of cosmetic practice goes live, it can often attract lots of comments and interactions. People saying ew at the sight of a medical procedure or people saying how the post is too much. People appreciating the aesthetics of the post, and people commenting how it’s too inappropriate for social media. This boosts the post to larger and larger audiences, building the following of the cosmetic practice posting. It proved as a good hack for several cosmetic doctors and their entire brand’s influence has of recent been leverage through that. Effective? Yes. Ethical? Questionable.

Dr. Nina Bal, an influencer with over 300,000 followers and Reality TV Star, has also built a sizeable influence on social media, yet it hasn’t been built exactly the same way and it hasn’t ended there. Dr. Bal’s primary focus is giving women the confidence they seek in their image. Patients come into her medical practice looking to help themselves obtain the image they see their potential selves. She has built her following based on the practice of good relationships and care for her clients. The show she starred in, Bodyfixers, appeals to that aspect of people as you can see in the name itself, Body fixers. The goal is to fix the pain points of people’s bodies and isn’t as much focused on enhancing their sex appeal. This has scored Dr. Bal as a practitioner of care instead of as an individual making fame by appealing to peoples’ base level instincts. She is seen as a professional and isn’t seen as someone exploiting her clients for clout.

She’s been seen all throughout the internet and is expected to have her influence grow tenfold over the years ahead. All through building a brand of professional dignity, seeing her clients as relationships she cherishes, and her practice, one of a divine quest to help others. She prefers her social to reflect a professional, personal, and an informative approach. A reflection of herself. This has resonated with a much more respectable reason for why people follow her brand and her clinic and resonate with her image.

Dr. Nina Bal says she lives by the famous statement, “People may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” She focuses on the relationship she’s building from her interaction with potential clients and followers on Social Media to the moment the walk out her door. Even focusing on when they are looking through their emails and they see one from her. Brand building is a full on experience, not just simply a logo. She hopes to influence others to see things the way she does and is excited about each individual she meets.

Influencers and social media stars of all over can learn from Dr. Nina’s unique approach. In such a dark place, one can succeed as an influence of light. In today’s generation, people appreciate more than ever, authenticism. A person can grow a following on proper values, succeed at a high level, and it will not only work, but will create a more respected brand, establish the trust and building the relationships one seeks.

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