Dr. Navid Senehi, Oral Surgeon in Woodland Hills, CA Reveals Proven Approach That Makes Same Day Dental Implants Affordable

Dr. Navid Senehi, oral surgeon and founder of Facial & Oral Surgery Institute in California, has just announced a groundbreaking procedure that provides affordable dental implants on the first day of treatment. For more information visit https://www.fosinstitute.com

An Oral and maxillofacial surgeon in Woodland Hills, California has just announced a high-end, same day specialized service for patients seeking affordable dental implant care.

To take full advantage of this service, potential patients can visit www.fosinstitute.com for full details.

Dr. Senehi initially launched the service to address the problem of people having to wait for months without a tooth while waiting for a full implant replacement, particularly if the missing tooth is in the “aesthetic zone.” This expectation of a delay is the root cause, according to Dr. Senehi, of patient anxiety.

Significant reduction in wait times

Dr. Senehi’s service streamlines the traditional dental implant procedure – which can often take up to 9 months – by drawing from “extensive training in this field and technological advancements.” His procedure allows patients to walk out of his clinic with a natural-looking tooth on the same day of the procedure.

This is all possible using his skills gained in oral reconstruction and implant dentistry.

Dr. Senehi’s service differs from traditional methods in one important way: “I remove the tooth and place the implant and bone at the same time the tooth is extracted and which will be immediately restored by a fixed temporary prosthesis.”

This method bypasses more traditional dental implants in which doctors wait four to five months for the bone to heal without placing an implant, meaning that a patient can go toothless for a number of months.

Three-step process

When patients enter Dr. Senehi’s office, they can expect a three-step process, which involves the tooth extraction, placement of the immediate implant following the removal, and placement of the fixed temporary prosthesis.

Patients undergoing this procedure then return within three months, during which the bone and gum heal around the implant after which the final prosthesis is fitted.

“The temporary prosthesis is a fully functioning great looking replacement of the missing tooth. The permanent prosthesis that we give the patient once fully healed is the final blueprint and looks completely natural.” Dr. Senehi said.

Personalized level of comfort

As a dual degree oral and maxillofacial surgeon, DDS. MD. as well as being licensed in administration of different types of anesthesia, Dr. Senehi also offers sedation services to patients undergoing the extraction procedure.

When asked about the benefits of administering anaesthesia for these purposes, Dr. Senehi commented, “Not all patients want to be sedated. If they choose to be awake, we can certainly do that. If they choose to be lightly sedated or completely asleep, we can provide that for them as well.”

Before administering anaesthesia, however, Dr. Senehi completes a comprehensive review of the patient's medical history, level of anxiety, and their particular needs into account to ensure the patient receives the best treatment possible.

To take full advantage of this service, potential patients can visit www.fosinstitute.com for full details.

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