Dr. Michael Tirgan Launches New Book Revealing Keloid Treatment Secrets

Keloid sufferers suffer in silence. This book launch is about one doctor's mission to change that. Not enough people are aware of this problem.

Newly published author and keloid treatment expert, Dr. Michael Tirgan has just recently launched a new book entitled: “Keloid Treatment Secrets: What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You,” available now on Amazon in both paperback and kindle.

After years of study, research and hundreds of successful patient treatments to help those who suffer from keloid disorder, as well as those mistreated by lesser qualified doctors, Dr. Tirgan thought it was time to bring a broader awareness to a little talked about problem.

Dr. Tirgan is one of the few leading experts in the world whose practice specializes in treatment of keloid disorder. Since not all keloid patients have the same level of susceptibility to keloid growth and reactions to treatments differ so greatly, his approach utilizes various treatment methods, which is not a very common practice.

“If someone mistreats a keloid, like carelessly removing a chest keloid, the odds of it getting worse are very, very high….and it usually comes back worse than before it was incorrectly treated in the first place” says Dr. Tirgan.

The book was written to highlight and to bring more attention to a problem which affects a substantial amount of the population yet does not get the notoriety and mention it deserves.  Dr. Tirgan feels a large percentage of those that suffer from keloid disorders do so in silence.

The general classification of keloid disorder by most insurance companies is as a cosmetic problem, however, Dr. Tirgan feels it generally has far more serious psychological and physical implications on most suffering patients than is given mention.

With very little information out there for those with keloid disorders to turn to, this book hopes to give light as a resource to many who may have misinformation or who might otherwise be frustrated with the lack of alternative available resources regarding this very stigmatic problem.

He’s helped so many patients who’ve had many unsuccessful mistreatments get the “correct” treatment needed to remove their keloid problem.

“I was left with two massive keloids on both my earlobes after three time surgical removal by the national health service (NHS) in UK. I suffered since I was 7 years old going through three surgeries, having to wear pressure clips and 12 times steroid injections every 6 weeks. As a 14 years old girl, the psychological trauma of going to school and facing the bullies became too much. The medical research by my mother led us to Dr. Tirgan’s office in New York city and this was a turning point in my life. I had my first time treatment in July 2014 which has fantastically reduced the size of my keloid about 50%. Everyone in our family was amazed with the result. Now I am back in New York for the second time to treat the rest of the keloid. I can’t wait to finally see my earlobes without any keloids within about 8 weeks. As I said, my mother has carried out lots of medical research at a degree level and says that Dr Tirgan and the way in which he carries out the treatment is the only light in the dark for anyone suffering from keloids. I know that some experts in the UK has started realising the mistakes and risks that NHS has taken by unnecessary surgeries on poor patients whilst some other experts have started taking advice from Dr Tirgan. However, despite this and taking Dr. Tirgan’s experience into account, my mother correctly decided that the treatment must be carried out by Dr Tirgan personally. This decision has proved to be the best decision ever and our experience could not be better than this. My mother and Dr. Tirgan can discuss things about keloid in details but it is so worrying when you come across doctors in the UK with shocking lack of knowledge about the nature of keloid scars, still putting people through surgeries or other useless methods. There are few other Doctors across the world carrying out this treatment, however, the way in which this treatment is carried out is as important as the treatment itself. I would only recommend this doctor to people with keloid because of the level of experience and the way in which he carries out his treatment with the highest standard of care and skills. I wish him the best. He has changed my life” says  Mahsa From London

Keloid sufferers who would like to learn more about Dr. Tirgan, and to get a copy of the book Click Here

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