Dr. Michael Collier Helps Patients Manage Dental Anxiety with Oral Sedation

With approximately 1 of every 7 Americans experiencing fear or anxiety of the dentist to some extent, dental professionals face the constant challenge of caring for patient’s oral health while still providing them.

With approximately 1 of every 7 Americans experiencing fear or anxiety of the dentist to some extent, dental professionals face the constant challenge of caring for patient's oral health while still providing them with a comfortable and relaxed visit. Dr. Michael Collier, family and cosmetic dentist in Oakwood, GA, is making dental visits less stressful for patients with dental anxiety with the use of oral sedation. With oral sedation, patients are able to feel completely relaxed and at ease during their visit, while having little memory of their visit after it is completed.

“Unfortunately many people who have some sort of fear of the dentist put off vital dental care and procedures for years, leading to even more extensive work that is required to get their dental health in optimal condition,” said Dr. Michael Collier, oral sedation dentist in Oakwood, GA. “With oral sedation, we're able to offer these patients a better method to get all of their vital dental care completed in just one or two completely comfortable visits.”

Oral sedation involves prescribing the patient an oral sedative that can be picked up at a local pharmacy and taken just prior to their appointment. This sedative allows the patient to still be conscious during their appointment, but much less aware of sights, sounds, smells, and activity around them. The patient remains in a deep relaxed state during his or her appointment, and only feels drowsy for a short time after they return home.

While oral conscious sedation is most commonly used for patients who have anxiety or fear of dental visits, it is also a convenient method for patients who need several procedures completed in one visit, those who have a sensitive gag reflex, or those who have difficulty getting numb for procedures.

At Dr. Collier's office, he and his staff provide a wide range of dental services for their local patients. As a cosmetic dentist in Oakwood, GA, Dr. Collier provides teeth whitening, crown and bridge treatment, Invisalign and ClearCorrect, and veneers. He is also a highly trained dental implants dentist in Oakwood, GA for patients who are missing permanent teeth or have failing teeth. He also offers oral surgery and wisdom teeth removal, orthodontics, the correction of bite problems, and more.

Dr. Michael Collier has been practicing dentistry for more than 40 years. He attended the University of Miami and then graduated from the Emory University School of Dentistry in 1970. After graduation, Dr. Collier served in the U.S. Army Dental Corps as a captain and was stationed in Vietnam in 1971. Throughout his many years of practice, Dr. Collier has received numerous awards and recognitions for his excellence as a dental care provider. In 2007, Dr. Collier received the prestigious Fellowship Award from The Academy of General Dentistry for his dedication in completing more than 500 hours of continuing dental education, and passing a comprehensive exam. He has also received similar awards from The American Orthodontic Society and the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. Dr. Collier is highly involved with community service, regularly offering his services at local dental clinics as well as providing dental care on international humanitarian trips.

To find more information about Dr. Michael Collier and the oral sedation services he offers for patients in Oakwood, GA, please visit http://www.smilesupervisor.com/ and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hYXJHsT1Jo.

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