Dr. Mark Montgomery And Dee Dee Reid To Lead 2-Day Training Course For Dentists Serious About Improving Their Practices Through The Power Of Relationship-Based Dentistry

Dr. Mark Montgomery and Dee Dee Reid will lead a 2-day training course for dentists serious about improving their practices through the power of relationship-based dentistry May 19 and May 20 in Orange County, California.

Dentists who are weary of hearing “I'll think about it” instead of “Yes, Yes Please” responses to their recommended treatment plans can learn ways to create that reality by attending a two-day course designed to increase dental case acceptance on May 19 and 20 in Orange County, California.

Dr. Mark Montgomery and Dee Dee Reid will lead the training that is based on two core beliefs:

1. Dentists seek to serve their patients in the highest and most ethical manner, while providing excellent dentistry to more patients who enthusiastically agree to receive treatment.

2. Patients want to understand how comprehensive solutions to their dental problems can improve the quality of their lives and overall health.

During two days of interactive, non-lecture based training, dentists will:

• Develop superstar communication skills and approaches to confidently lead patients to agree to their best outcomes;

• Learn and practice a refreshing and proven way to serve and delight patients that is anchored on the integrity of delivering professional excellence;

• Develop the process of building relationship-based care;

• Build a system of nonjudgmental conversations that links each patient's values to the dental care solutions that serve them best; and

• Bring the power of great agreements to establish dependable planning, scheduling, and payment arrangements for high level care and highly productive office systems.

“The results that course graduates gain as a direct result of implementing the strategies and tactics taught during this two-day course have been proven to bring in $10,000 a month in new business, while creating very high patient satisfaction. That is why it’s so important to share these approaches with dentists across the country,” Dr. Montgomery said.

Course participants rave about the decisive, stunning impact that two days of training brings to the results they were craving in their practices:

-Dr. RH says that he can’t believe it took him all these years. The course paid for itself in his first treatment plan when he got back!

-Dr. GP says that his team was so energized and empowered to get their patients to say “yes” to their best, most needed care. This course was just what they needed.

This course will be held in Orange County, California May 19-20, 2017 between 9:30 am to 5:30pm.  Dentists interested in enrolling can email  deedee@amplifieddynamics.com to get their questions answered and secure their reservations today.

About Dr. Mark Montgomery and Dee Dee Reid – Partners at Amplified Dynamics:

Dr. Mark Montgomery and Dee Dee Reid work with private practice dentists to ignite and amplify their profitability and their vision for an ideal practice. Private practice dentists are often overwhelmed with unpredictable and insufficient cash flow. The stress of overhead, team management, and lack of patient acceptance of treatment impacts the practice and the dentist in significant ways. As the dentist seeks to learn more, build expanded treatment options and implement systems of growth, the ability to implement change, growth, and new modern systems is challenging. Working with dentists and their teams, Dr. Montgomery and Reid create bold, ambitious results through a focus on a customized approach to leadership, learning, coaching and accountability.  Email deedee@amplifieddynamics.com to get questions answered prior to enrolling.

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