Dr. Kevin Flood Emphasizes the Importance of Early Childhood Dental Care

Grand Rapids, MI cosmetic and family dentist, Dr. Kevin Flood, believes that parents need to play a strong role in ensuring the health of their children’s teeth even from the earliest stages.

Grand Rapids, MI cosmetic and family dentist, Dr. Kevin Flood, believes that parents need to play a strong role in ensuring the health of their children's teeth even from the earliest stages. With oral decay being the number one preventable disease in the U.S. that affects children, Dr. Flood is encouraging more parents to be well educated about and take more precautions about their children's oral health as soon as they begin to cut their first teeth.

“We find that many parents with young children become somewhat lax about their oral care because they know that baby teeth will eventually be replaced by permanent teeth,” said Dr. Kevin Flood, pediatric dentist in Grand Rapids, MI. “However, it's those crucial habits that are formed in early childhood that are most important, in addition to the health of the gums and oral tissues that can affect the long-term health of a child's mouth. Our goal is to encourage parents to visit the dentist with their child's first teeth appear so they can be educated about how they can keep their kid's gums and teeth healthy from the get-go.”

In the majority of cases, oral decay in children's teeth is a result of infrequent or improper flossing and brushing techniques. In a society that has an extremely high consumption of processed foods and sugar, the lack of brushing can be even more detrimental to the decay of children's teeth. Many parents do attempt to instigate healthy brushing habits with their children from a young age, but fail to make sure those habits continue to be implemented. Many times, parents assume that their older children are brushing properly when in reality, their negligence is leading to cavities that are entirely preventable.

“When parents of our young patients visit our office, we highly encourage them to take a very active role in their child's oral health,” said Dr. Flood. “For many parents, this means actually brushing their child's teeth for them for several years, or regularly checking up on their child's brushing techniques to ensure that decay is being properly prevented. Preventative care like brushing and flossing can save parents thousands of dollars over a child's lifetime in restorative dental care.”

At Dr. Kevin Flood's Dental Health & Wellness Center, he and his staff provide a variety of general dental and orthodontic services. In addition to treating younger patients, Dr. Flood is also a highly trained dental implants dentist in Grand Rapids, MI. He has received advanced training in orthodontics and is certified as an Invisalign dentist in Grand Rapids. He also specializes in mercury amalgam filling removal, restorative care, and is a TMJ dentist in Grand Rapids, MI for patients who experience jaw or facial pain.

Dr. Kevin Flood has been practicing dentistry in the Grand Rapids area for several years. He has a specific focus on holistic dentistry and has advanced training in many osteophatic fields. He completed his DDS degree at the University of Illinois School of Dentistry in Chicago, and is board certified with the American Academy of Pain Management. He has advanced training in chirodontics, craniosacral therapy, myofuscial release, and more. He is a member of the West Michigan Dental Society, the Great Lakes Medical Association, the International Association for Orthodontists, the Sleep Disorders Dental Society, and several others.

To learn more about Dr. Flood and the services he offers for patients in Grand Rapids, MI, please visit http://www.dentalhealthgrandrapids.com/ and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRI_nwYI37I.

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