Dr. Kevin Fleming of Grey Matters Adding A New Way Of Consulting With Clients

Grey Matters International has announced it is adding a new way of consulting with clients. Grey Matters prides itself on offering its clients

Grey Matters International has announced it is adding a new way of consulting with clients. Grey Matters prides itself on offering its clients unique approaches to solving family and personal problems.

Some executives are able to find joy, peace, and satisfaction on their jobs. Others are not. Personality and assessment tests have certainly changed the way companies are led.

Founder Dr. Kevin Fleming isn't your typical licensed therapist turned executive coach. Unlike many executive coaches or consultants, Grey Matters International has a rigorous set of standards and screening process before it accepts a client.

This is a twist in the world of psychology or even life coaching. His technique was something that they never expected—therapy that wasn't like therapy. Being more animated, bold, and assertive by nature, he ended up creating more 'TED Talk"-type inspirational change programs inside my office space.

The key was matching executives in a very uncharacteristic way that not only was different than their expectations of "shrinks," but more importantly, spoke to the hard, lonely place that a life of performance and achievement can become.

Fleming states," If there is any wisdom that I have to offer, that's where it begins and ends. You see, most of who I am, what I do, and how well I do it – when it comes to helping people develop, heal, fix a problem, change, decide differently, feel better – rests deeply inside understanding "foolery." I use the word deliberately. We don't want to admit it, but we become foolish. And our foolishness can relate to what we do with our urges, thoughts, desires, strategic plans, and relationships every day of our lives.

Fleming adds," One day, it occurred to me that no matter "how well" I performed in a therapy session, there was a hidden "perfect storm" at play. That there is a perfect lock-and-key dynamic between a patient's pain and the necessary but not sufficient condition for therapeutic healing: for a therapist to give compassion and to want to continue the process. This "non-specific" world of therapy, to me, is really about three things at the core including intentions of the heart, understanding self-deception and brain bias inherent in everyone, including the shrink; and constantly challenging "helping-thinking" itself, especially sacred cows concerning what is "good for someone.

His life and work eventually took him to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and at that time he was pretty much one of the only neuropsychologists in Wyoming.

Dr. Fleming's experience has shown that there is a difference between the state of "forgive them for they know not what they do" and this place of misguided decision-making that reeks more of a subtle yet dangerous resistance to what is being offered to us to improve our lives and missions. Most of the problems facing executives stem from this place, at their core and that we all are creatures of habit and that love of what is familiar also applies to the type of "data" we are drawn to. We all know we are living in a whirlwind time of change.

Grey Matters International also serves families and many times the wife contacts me, and it is the marriage that is the entry point to the executive's life, world, and decision-making. For in many ways, preventing failures is the motivation; while different than improving intimacy and loving better, it is the necessary starting point for many executives.

This is all done in a "we come to you" concierge-level of service—be it a getaway residence/location, or in their own home for the ultimate in discreet behavior-change work. Many of these explorations into marriage and family systems also open up possibilities of change for their children as well, who usually suffer from effects of perfectionism or pressure or addictive/compulsive issues.

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