Dr. Karl Jawhari Notes Sciatica Causes and Top Treatments

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Sciatica can include a number of different problems all stemming from a root cause.

For lower spine and nerve problems, sciatica symptoms are among the most debilitating and problematic, says Dallas Spine and Disc Center founder Dr. Karl Jawhari, D.C . As an experienced and renowned chiropractor, he has treated countless patients who are dealing with the acute pain and numbness from the condition. Dr. Jawhari possesses a deep understanding of both the underlying causes of sciatica, and the many effective, non-invasive methods that can either ease or completely remove the discomfort for those suffering from it.

“While the term “sciatica” may sound like it refers to a specific issue, it can include a number of different problems all stemming from a root cause,” Dr. Jawhari explains. It is essentially a set of symptoms, including pain, all caused by general compression or irritation involving one of five spinal nerve roots, or irritation of the left, right, or both sciatic nerves. Those that experience sciatica often notice a burning sensation, numbness, or a tingling that radiates from the lower back and upper buttocks, and further down the back of the affected thigh and leg. This can often make simple activities such as walking extremely painful. Although there are several possible underlying causes, the most common ones involve a herniated disk, a bone spur in the spine, or the narrowing of the spine that compresses part of a nerve. These instances can come as a result of injury, osteoporosis, stress, strenuous activity, and even pregnancy.

When addressing sciatica, an all-encompassing approach is the most effective. Due to the different levels of severity, it’s important to first pinpoint where the problem is originating from. “X-rays and other tests such as CT scan, MRI scan, and electromyogram can be used to further define the exact causes,” says Dr. Karl Jawhari. “The image and resolution produced by the MRI is quite detailed, and can detect even the smallest changes of structures within the body.” After identifying the origin of the sciatica, a specific treatment plan can be developed. Although many are tempted to rely on prescription painkillers and simply wait for the pain to subside over several weeks after a diagnosis, a recent study by the New England Journal of Medicine concluded that this “does not reduce the intensity of leg pain associated with sciatica.” Dr. Jawhari instead recommends undergoing chiropractic adjustments in both the pelvic and lower back areas to alleviate pain and numbness, engaging in light physical activity if possible, and reducing stress levels.

Dr. Karl Jawhari is a back pain expert and the founder of Dallas Spine and Disc Center. A graduate of both South Florida and Life University, Dr. Jawhari is a certified Health Coach by the U.S. Wellness Chamber of Commerce, and educates people on how to achieve better health and lasting pain relief, regardless of age and body types. In addition to being a practicing Doctor of Chiropractic, he is the author of the book “Why Hormones Are Making You Fat,” and offered expertise as a consultant to over 120 physicians in the United States. Dr. Jawhari is also a national speaker with the Health Awareness Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes health and wellness in local businesses and communities by conducting educational workshops.

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