Dr. Karl Jawhari Discusses Modern LiteCure Laser Therapy

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A result of over a decade of researching treatment options.

Frantic to find a long-term solution, chronic pain sufferers must constantly try new drugs, treatments, and even surgeries. For those who have attempted nearly every option yet still deal with regular discomfort, Dr. Karl Jawhari, D.C. and his team of chiropractors at Dallas Spine and Disc Center are now offering drug free, non-invasive relief in the form of advanced Class IV LiteCure laser therapy. Used as an essential rehabilitation tool by athletic trainers of NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, FIFA and Olympic teams, LiteCure lasers have quickly become the most effective tools to reduce pain and inflammation available today.

A leading expert on conditions relating to the back, neck and spine, Dr. Karl Jawhari has spent over a decade searching for treatment options that can help the thousands of Americans who have been told they either have to live in discomfort or undergo major surgery. In that time, he discovered that deep tissue laser therapy has the ability to drastically reduce pain associated with low back strains, bulging, fused or slipped discs, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, arthritic conditions, post surgical recovery, headaches or migraines, sports injuries, plantar fasciitis, and many other muscle, circulatory, and inflammatory conditions. Through a process called photobiomodulation, Dr. Jawhari explained, photons enter the tissue and interact with the body’s cells, triggering increases in cellular metabolism that cause decreases in pain and inflammation. The results occur rapidly, are long lasting, and do not cause any undesirable side effects. Most patients also report a gentle, soothing warmth and enjoy the overall experience.

Head athletic trainer of the Toronto Blue Jays George Poulis tends to agree with Dr. Jawhari on the efficacy of the treatment, “All the players love the laser. The treatment times are fast and the results are obvious. Our pitchers use it as part of their normal warm up and during rehab treatments. It is instrumental in getting players back on the field earlier than expected after injury. We have used low level lasers in the past, the big difference with LiteCure are the faster treatment times and consistent positive outcomes.” Most importantly, there is finally a drug-free solution for everyone who has been searching for an end to his or her chronic pain.

Dr. Karl Jawhari, D.C., is a back pain expert and the founder of Dallas Spine and Disc. Along with his passionate team of four other Doctors of Chiropractic, Dr. Jawhari provides healthy, long-term solutions for conditions relating to the back, neck and spine. Dedicated to the education of others, he has spent time as a Teaching Assistant at Life University in Marrietta, GA, and is also a national speaker for the Health Awareness Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes health and wellness in local communities. Dr. Jawhari’s achievements have been published in Dallas newspapers, featured nationally on CBS, and celebrated locally through various news outlets.

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