Dr. Karl Jawhari Discusses Lumbar Decompression Therapy for Chronic Back Pain

Over time the shock-absorbing discs can become flattened, injured, or hardened.

Dr. Karl Jawhari, the distinguished speaker, educator, and health coach, is excited to note his extensive knowledge regarding lumbar decompression therapy and its role in the treatment of back pain. The Founder of Dallas Spine and Disc Center shares his knowledge of what causes disc, sciatic, neck, and low back pain, and related headaches, shedding light on how to achieve healthy, long lasting pain relief for those suffering back pain.

The spinal cord connects the brain to the entire body, Dr. Jawhari explains, transmitting important messages that direct a broad range of human functions. Surrounded by protective bones called vertebrae that stack one on top of another to form the spinal column, each vertebral bone has an opening that allows the spinal cord to pass through uninterrupted. The normal adult spine consists of 33 vertebrae, each cushioned from the bones both above and below it by discs that act as shock absorbers. These discs cushion the vertebrae during compression and decompression, when the body bends, stretches, works, and exercises. Over time and under stress, these shock-absorbing discs can become flattened, injured, or hardened. Nerves passing through the vertebrae are squeezed and pinched by the structures designed to protect them, causing severe pain and impacting lifestyle. Dr. Karl Jawhari understands the problem as well as the pain, and is driven to share information about non-surgical treatment of chronic back pain designed to help patients regain a better quality of life.

Through his gentle process of spinal decompression, Dr. Jawhari reeducates muscles, ligaments, and tendons, encouraging the spaces between the vertebrae of the spinal column to return to more natural positions. Patients report no feelings of pulling or contraction as with some mechanical treatments. As the vertebrae slowly move, the gel-like discs then expand from flattened, compressed, and pinched positions that cause pain, to the more rounded natural shapes. This permits blood flow, oxygen, and nutrition to access the structures, promoting healing and alleviating pain. Constructing personalized treatments, Dr. Jawhari's processes are based on the individual mechanics of each patient, adjusted through neurological feedback received by computer. Patients are treated fully clothed, face up, embraced by pelvic and thoracic harnesses connected to the computerized console. After between 10 to 30 sessions, each lasting from 15 and 30 minutes and scheduled over a period of 5-10 weeks, the vertebral bones and discs are aligned with proper spacing, diminishing pain and encouraging a return to active, enjoyable activities.

A consultant to over 120 doctors in the U.S., Dr. Karl Jawhari, D.C. is a leader in his field, educating healthcare workers through workshops outlining steps to create healthier environments. He has educated his colleagues in pain reduction techniques and treatments at the Marietta, GA Life University. A respected author and lecturer, Dr. Jawhari is dedicated to sharing his knowledge regarding lumbar decompression therapy treatments designed to deliver results, regardless of body type or health status.

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