Dr. Juan Araujo Offers Revolutionary Stem Cell Cosmetic Surgery In Uruguay

Dr. Juan Araujo is breaking new ground in Uruguay being one of the first to offer stem cell therapies for cosmetic procedures, including stem cell breast implants to naturally augment breast tissue.

Cosmetic surgery was once the domain of the rich and famous, an indulgence that could sometimes have frightening and unnatural results as people aimed to perfect their appearance and hold back the tides of time. Major advances have since taken place that have popularized such procedures, to the extent that they are now available all around the world, and breaking new ground in their treatment approaches. Dr. Juan Araujo is one of Uruguays’s leading cosmetic surgeons, and he has recently introduced stem cell therapy based cosmetic surgery for breast implants, and plans to expand the range of treatments exponentially.

These aesthetic surgeries (cirugias esteticas) make use of stem cells to essentially feed the body its own natural building blocks. The stem cells copy information from the cells around them to replicate and fit the body, allowing breast augmentation to take place in a way that is completely authentic for the first time.

As well as stem cell augmentation the new miracle ingredient is thought to help with healing in procedures from nose jobs (rinoplastia) and facelifts to reconstructive surgeries like skin grafts.

A spokesperson for Dr. Juan Araujo explained, “The use of stem cells in cosmetic surgery is a very exciting time and new and improved applications are being developed day by day. Dr. Juan Araujo is one of the foremost experts in stem cell based cosmetic surgery in Uruguay and as such there is no better place to go for surgeries that use the human body’s own tool kit to edit and perfect the appearance. After twenty five years leading the market, clients can feel supremely confident that they are being treated by the very best.”

About Dr. Juan Araujo:
Dr. Juan Araujo is one of Uruguay’s most prominent plastic surgeons; in his website he describes the most common surgical procedures and provides professional advice. With over 25 years of experience as a plastic surgeon, Dr. Araujo has worked in different countries, mainly Uruguay, Argentina, Japan and Spain and has his own clinic in Montevideo, Uruguay. He is a member of several Associations including the ISAPS, SECE, SCPU, A4M, COMB, IPRAS and FILACP

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