Dr. James Kiehl Offers Free Implant Consultations to Patients with Missing Teeth

Dr. James Kiehl, dental implants dentist in Nashua, NH is now offering free consultations for patients with missing teeth who may be a candidate for permanent dental implants.

Dr. James Kiehl, dental implants dentist in Nashua, NH is now offering free consultations for patients with missing teeth who may be a candidate for permanent dental implants. During their free consultation, patients can learn more about how dental implants can improve their lifestyle, and also see how they could improve the look of their smile.

Statistics show that more than 175 American adults are missing at least one permanent tooth. Traditionally, bridges and dentures were used to restore function and aesthetics to the mouth after tooth loss, however, these solutions often leave patients with other problems that can be just as frustrating as their missing teeth. With dental implants, however, patients can enjoy a new artificial tooth that feels, looks, and performs just like its natural counterpart.

“We're excited about offering this free consultation to potential implant patients so they can really have a no-pressure experience with determining if implants are right for their lifestyle,” said Dr. James Kiehl, implant and general dentist in Nashua, NH. “We've worked with hundreds of patients who have significantly improved their life with implants, and we're looking forward to showing more patients how they can do the same with this procedure.”

Using permanent dental implants, Dr. Kiehl is able to replace a series of missing teeth, a single missing tooth, or even entire top and bottom arches of teeth, such as in the case of denture patients. The procedure is completed by surgically inserting a metal screw into the jawbone where the permanent tooth is absent. This metal screw acts similarly to the root of a natural tooth, and during the healing process, it naturally fuses with the fibers and tissues of the jawbone. Once the healing process is complete, Dr. Kiehl custom designs an artificial crown that is then attached to the permanent implant. This crown is designed with input from the patient, as well as with Dr. Kiehl's expertise, to be the correct size, shape, and shade to seamlessly blend in the the patient's other teeth.

Once the dental implant procedure is completed, patients can enjoy full function just as they would with a natural tooth. Implants restore full biting force and can be brushed and flossed just like natural teeth. Additionally, they don't place any dietary restrictions on the patient, as would dentures or bridges.

At Nashua Family Dentistry, Dr. Kiehl works alongside three other dentists who have their own unique specialties in the profession. Together, they provide everything from prosthodontics and endodontics, to periodontics and cosmetics.

Dr. James Kiehl is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University and went on to complete his DMD degree at Boston University. As one of the most experienced general and cosmetic dentists in Nashua, NH, Dr. Kiehl known for incorporating that latest state-of-the-art dental technology into patient treatment plans for optimal dental care.

To learn more about the dental implant services Dr. James Kiehl offers in Nashua, NH or to schedule a free implant consultation, please visit http://nashuafamilydentistry.com/ and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0Zp5bLWOg0.

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