Dr. Green of Green Chiropractic Explains That CrossFit Won’t Have a 'Dirty Little Secret'

Dr. Green of Green Chiropractic in Houston, Texas wants everyone to understand their physical limitations whether they are playing sports or participating in CrossFit.

After an article entitled “CrossFit’s Dirty Little Secret” was published by the Huffington Post, it went viral instantly and re-ignited a fierce debate over the safety of the popular fitness workout. Urging a broader understanding of exercise-related injuries, Dr. Greg Green, a Houston Chiropractor, of Green Chiropractic explains that “anyone can get seriously injured if they participate in any exercise or sport that drives them beyond their physical limits.”

The article discusses the risk of developing rhabdomyolysis while participating in CrossFit. Rhabdomyolysis is a rare and potentially fatal condition that results from the catastrophic breakdown of muscle cells do to extreme physical overexertion.

CrossFit is a rigorous strength and conditioning regimen that mixes aerobic exercises, body-weight exercises, and weightlifting. The defining quality of CrossFit is that every activity is done with a high level of intensity. Because these workouts are typically done in a group setting, peer competition helps elevate the intensity of the workout – often beyond the fitness level of participants.

According to Dr. Green, “CrossFit injuries are no different from injuries that can be suffered while playing sports or participating in other exercises. While engaged in extreme activities, if you start to overdo it your form suffers. When you lose the proper form required for that activity you increase your chance of injuring yourself. Injuries due to overexertion and improper form aren’t limited to CrossFit training.”

“When patients come to see me after a sport or exercise-related injury, my goal is to get them active again as soon as possible.” says Dr. Green. He takes a modern, evidence-based healing approach to the non-surgical management of musculoskeletal injuries related to the spine and extremities.

“We create a customized program that gives our patients rapid pain relief so that they can get back to their regular activities quickly.” explains Dr. Green. “Evidence shows that the sooner you return to your usual daily activities the faster you will get better.”

To learn more about how short-term chiropractic treatment can speed recovery from sports and exercise-related injuries, visit GregGreenDC.com.

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