Dr. Frank Roach Uses State-of-the Art Dentistry Methods

Dr. Frank Roach Uses State-of-the-Art Dental Techniques

Frank Roach Dentist is a valued member of the Atlanta community. With his continuing dedication to adopting the newest dental methods, Dr. Roach is continually pushing the envelope and helping to enhance his patients’ dental health.

Dr. Roach focuses on cosmetic dentistry within his family dentistry practice. He emphasizes home care, letting patients know that brushing is not enough to take care of their oral health. Understanding the ways in which his patients take care of their teeth at home is one of the methods Dr. Roach uses to educate his patients.

Advanced Equipment and Techniques

Dr. Roach believes that it is necessary to continue improving his equipment and methods. To this end, he is frequently trained on the newest dental technologies that he can bring back to the office to benefit his patients.

Guided Biofilm Therapy

Many patients with a poor history of oral care experience excessive plaque buildup. Removing this unsightly and dangerous buildup has historically involved scaling the teeth or removing the plaque with a dental tool. This can be an uncomfortable and tedious procedure on the patient’s end.

Guided biofilm therapy seeks to reduce the time and effort needed to remove plaque from a patient’s teeth. With this technique, whitening agents and targeted air are used to remove the plaque. This can lead to a healthier smile and less time spent on painful scaling.

Platelet-Rich Plasma

Platelet-rich plasma or PRP is a new technique that is beginning to gain widespread use in the medical and dental communities. Dr. Frank Roach has been a proponent of this treatment. With PRP, blood clots form easily and enhance the speed of healing. PRP also helps surgical sites to heal at a faster rate, providing better comfort to dental surgery patients.

CEREC Omnicam

Patients who have received dental implants or any kind of orthodontic treatment know how impressions are taken. The dentist traditionally uses a tray of unpleasant-tasting plaster to take the impressions. Today, dentists like Dr. Frank Roach have new technology at their disposal in the form of the CEREC Omnicam.

The Omnicam is able to take fast, accurate digital images of the patient’s teeth which can then be used to create dental implants and orthodontic treatment plans.

Dr. Roach Helps Patients

Using these state-of-the-art techniques, Frank Roach Dentist can help every patient achieve a higher level of oral health. Guided Biofilm Therapy, PRP, and the CEREC Omnicam are able to reduce the time needed for dental treatment. Atlanta patients who are interested in the newest dental techniques should consider visiting Dr. Frank Roach.

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