Dr. David Scharf Presents Laser Gum Disease Treatment for Adults

Dr. David Scharf explains the benefits of laser gum dentist treatment which is not only faster, but less invasive and costly.

Dr. David Scharf, a Periodontist Long Island, now offers an alternative to surgery for those in need of gum disease treatment. Known as the LANAP protocol, this Gum disease Long Island treatment results in less pain and allows for faster treatment. "The LANAP protocol revolutionizes gum disease treatment and benefits dental patients in ways similar to that seen with LASIK treatment for vision correction," Dr. Scharf exclaims.

Patients who choose laser treatment find no scalpels or stitching is required and pain is reduced. Treatment typically takes two visits of two hours each along with two follow up visits and recovery normally involves eating a soft diet for a few days. The procedure has been shown in 2 separate studies to be capable of regrowing bone that has been lost due to periodontal disease.

At this time, only ten percent of periodontists in the United States own this technology with Dr. Scharf being the first in Long Island. This remains the only FDA approved laser treatment for gum disease which provides the opportunity to regrow bone lost to the disease. Many avoid gum disease treatment as they don't want to undergo surgery. "Patients no longer need to put off treatment thanks to this and other advances in dental medicine," Dr. Scharf goes on to say.

Experts estimate 90 percent of adult Americans suffer from gum disease which is of grave concern. Gum disease, when left untreated, increases a person's risk of stroke, certain cancers, heart attack and premature low birth weight babies. "Anyone suffering from gum disease needs to seek treatment immediately to ensure they protect their overall health," Dr. Scharf continues.

Patients must conduct research before visiting a periodontist for treatment of gum disease. A number of lasers claims they are appropriate for gum disease treatment, yet only the Millennium Nd:YAG laser and the LANAP protocol have been proven through scientific studies to regrow bone. "Gum disease remains a serious problem and yet many ignore their dental health for fear of pain and disfiguration commonly associated with traditional options. With the help of the LANAP protocol, this no longer needs to be a concern. Patients receive the treatment they need in a shorter period of time, with less pain and at less cost. Treating gum disease has never been easier," Dr. Scharf declares.

About Dr. David Scharf
Dr. David Scharf, a Board Certified Periodontist and former Clinical Assistant Professor at New York University College of Dentistry, now offers LANAP, which he considers to be a revolution in the treatment of gum disease. In the past, patients were forced to choose between disfiguring and painful gum surgery or losing their teeth. With laser therapy, Dr. Scharf offers a minimally invasive and comfortable treatment similar to that of LASIK surgery for eyes. Dr. Scharf is one of very few board certified periodontists in the area and was the first on Long Island to offer LANAP. Currently, Dr. Scharf is working to complete his training to become a certified LANAP instructor to share his knowledge with others.

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